Christine @ 'Christmas in Hell' - Lucifer was “SHINNING!”

What’s it about?

Oh, were you looking for a wholesome Christmas show? Unless you think Lucifer and Charles Manson are family-friendly…

My experience.

I’m gonna be straight up with y’all: This is one of my favorite things on YouTube and it's also 99.9% of the reason why I even ended up at this show:

There are a lot of reasons why this video is extremely NSFW, but it’s the type of thing I like to see instead of whatever the hell people watch during Christmas. Okay, besides Elf cause that's just fu*king ICONIC.

Now, this was def more... well, not family-friendly, but way less offensive than this video. I mean, this is written by Gary Apple, aka a dude who's written for The Simpsons. It’s about some kid, which, just to explain my stance on kids:

Yeah, not my fave people on Earth. Like, some are okay, but most annoy me.

ANYWAY, so some 8-year-old, Davin, eats a piece of spoiled cake and is rushed to the emergency room and somehow ends up buddy-buddy with the Devil himself—all because he missed Christmas while he was in a coma. Did I mention the fact that the monster in his closet introduces them? YEAH. This ain’t no Sully from Monsters, Inc. While others may find it pretty dark that the kid hangs out with Charles Manson, I thought it was the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in a while. Probably due to the fact that I have always had a taste for the morbid, even as a wee child watching Teletubbies on a loop an inch away from the TV. (That seems a lot creepier now.)

This was such a mash-up. There were super-cheesy Christmas songs with kindergarten Christmas cut-out costumes to like basically Broadway-level bedazzled shit. Like, Lucifer was “SHINNING!” There is really SO MUCH that happened that if I kept writing we would be here for six hours cause this mofo was two hours long. Point is, this was the type of thing my morbid little-kid self would have loved.

See it:


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