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Bette Davis is an old hollywood starlet try get her best to stay relevant.

My experience.



Bette Davis walks out in a full on GOWN, her hair rolled up in a old hollywood style, and just dripping in diamonds. Apparently the Academy Awards noms got leaked early... and Bette didn’t win.

She’s like that one extra af theatre girl we all have to be in a musical with who was on level 100 during rehearsals. Like she may as well have thought high school plays got Tony noms - yes THAT extra. I’ve never seen someone pronounce every letter in a word, don’t think I ever will tbh. And because we are talking about the 1930’s here, you know when women were damsels in distress that need constant saving, Bette does this lil’ thing, like a viola gesture with her hands, every time she does something all on her own. Like zipping up her own dress w/o the help of some shitty man. Voila!


To no surprise, there were mostly older people here. As a result of that 90% of the names and references went right over my head. At that point I was wondering is Bette Davis was actually someone. TURNS OUT SHE WAS. Here I was thinking she was based on hollywood actresses, but she was apparently on the greatest actresses of her time.

Turns out Bette gets fired from Universal Studios and decides that getting away from the California to New York BUT then gets some contract with Warner Brothers - so she stays.

Bette confuses me but also everything she tolerates to live out her dream isn’t anything new. She talks about how gross and dehumanizing the casting process in, “I sit in couch like a corpse” as countless men take turns passionately kissing her. EW. But she takes all this shit cause she wants to be A STAR *cue fireworks*

Now, don’t get me wrong Bette Davis sounds like she was a boss ass b*tch. But I honestly kind of dozed off like 40 mins into the show. It almost start to feel like I was being forced to see a class presentation on Bette sprinkled with some very dramatic reenactments of the craziest parts of her career. It sort of made Bette seem like literally any other actress that ever existed...don’t they all give into corporate agencies, get divorced 100 times, have kids that they basically abandon, and desperately struggle to stay relevant? It’s like almost nothing was special about Bette.

BUT she does give some good advice:

“It isn’t always about winning, not always, it’s about keeping your composure when you don’t win and refraining from ripping someone's hair out when they do.” - Bette Davis


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