A. Tangco @ 'Carousel' - observing from the sidelines

What's it about?

Julie Jordan falls in love with the biggest player in New England, the carousel barker Billy Bigelow who finds himself meeting a tragic end...but it's really about me meeting people who I later realize are celebs. 

My experience.

What do you do when you arrive two hours early and need to use the bathroom? You head to the Marriott Marquis and act as if you are a guest at the hotel, of course.

I have to say, that hotel was pretty upscale and I was surprised to find an array of posters on the wall advertising the Broadway plays with past celebrities. What do you do when you have approximately an hour and forty five mins left? Why, you go celebrity hunting of course! Who could you run into in Times Square? A cast member from Dear Evan Hansen disappearing behind a stage door. Sigh..... if only it was Tom Hiddleston. 

Rather than wait on the line, I chose to head to the stage door to see the actors make their entrances and exits. I had about an hour and a half left so what could really stop me? I didn't really know any of the actors but it was nice to just observe from the sidelines. Some of them were nice enough to say hello, while others paid no attention and just rushed past me. One of the actors was eyeing me probably wondering why I was just standing there and watching the actors by the stage door. I later realized that the person eyeing me was the LEAD! Probably expecting me to ask questions or maybe even for an autograph before heading to the sandwich shop across the street. I found out later that he was nominated for a TONY AWARD! I guess he expected me to know that. I have to say, it's entertaining watching the preshow of the actors filing in because as I stood there I realized they're just normal people. I mean, I saw deliveries upon deliveries by the stage door of what I assumed to be Chinese food. Seeing as how I still had time to spare I figured I would also go up to those who were loitering outside the stage door and to ask for an interview being the journalist that I am, because I mean I still had an hour to spare. I wasn't able to pull it off though since the actors were busy preparing for the show. Since I couldn't get that interview, I just observed the actors in their casual clothing and one man in a business suit from the sidelines.

I was so transfixed from the beginning with the opening number where the dancers on stage acted as the carousel's moving horses.....it was ingenuous. At that point in time, I realized that with such stunning choreography this must be a ballet more than anything. The dancers were very elegant and graceful. While I was watching the show though, there was one dancer that stood out to me more than the others. It was a male ballerina, who I looked up in the Playbill. Apparently, he had studied ballet in London. That's HIM! He was the only man who I saw enter the stage door earlier with a business suit. The transformation was a show in itself. I never would have imagined that one man in a business suit to be a ballet dancer. The whole time I was thinking, 'How is he this good? How is he absolutely flawless and effortless? What is happening?' I just sat there amazed and inspired.

Looking back, I think I was so focused on that one dancer.......he stood out demographically compared to the other dancers. Yet, he was so comfortable on that stage. If I were in that position, I would have wondered how I would put on a show when I was the one who clearly stood out. If I were in that place, and a trained ballet dancer, I really don't believe I would have performed as well as him. This one ballet dancer was the show itself. 



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