POST: 'Cardinal' - I love her ambition and #boss status

What it's about.

In an effort to help re-invigorate an old town, Lydia embarks on a mission: Paint the town red. However, this proposal is met with a few difficulties and the future of the town is uncertain.

What I experienced. 

It’s raining cats and dogs, it’s windy, and I left my umbrella on the subway 😞 . Man, I love going to the theatre, but on this particular night, the theatre was my safe haven 😇. 

Taking my seat in the theatre, my eyes are transfixed on the set. I realize I do this a lot before a show—playing detective, I try to decipher what I can. Though granted I’m usually always wrong, it builds the anticipation for when the show finally does start. With this show, I have no idea what lies ahead.

Meet Lydia. She’s a #BOSS.

Lydia grew up in a small town in upstate New York. Its kind of neighborhood where everyone knows each other. All grown up, and with a degree in Urban Development from Oberlin, Lydia is back in her hometown. As it turns out, times change and people change. The town she’s known growing up, is no longer the same. Once famed for its axle factory, now the population is declining and businesses are plummeting. Her town has turned into a shithole (too soon?). 

Lydia meets with the town’s mayor, Jeff, who she’s known since like forever. Jeff is a nice guy, but also kinda weird. He has a creepy obsession with Lydia's sister and he's been distraught since she dumped him 15 years ago.

A little memo for Jeff: 

Anyway, Lydia meets with him to discuss the future of the town and how to improve it. A persuasive Lydia gets the mayor onboard with her radical idea: Paint the town red. Well, cardinal red to be exact. This, according to Lydia will attract tourists and thus help businesses and increase the town’s economy.

However, not everyone is onboard with this change. But, Lydia does not let that stop her. She has her mind set on the goal, and will not stop until she gets it. I love her ambition and #boss status. In the words of RuPaul:

Werk . 


I found myself being very drawn to Lydia’s character. Me during the play:

It was inspiring and empowering to see a strong woman lead. Her ambition, determination, and passion.

A lot of people were not on board with Lydia's idea. This town, has always been the same. Sameness can sometimes promote comfort and complacency. Change would equate to discomfort. But you know, sometimes you have to lean into the discomfort. Because sometimes change can be a good thing, even if it may not seem so at the time. At least that’s what I would say to the townspeople. Also, trust Lydia, she knows what she’s doing. Don't worry about it. Take a chill pill.

Who knows what lies ahead for Lydia, but whatever it is, I’m rooting for her. #Lydia2020

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