Houssaynatou @ 'Bump' - I can't wait to experience that

What's it about?

The fascinating role a woman plays when it comes to bringing a human being into the world. This show hit all the nuts and crannies regarding what life is like before and after having a child. 

Editor's note (Christine): Oh shit, I thought it was "nooks and crannies"...damn I've been wrong all along. I like nuts better.

My experience.

This show already got brownie points from the start, because Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" was playing in the background. I was practically dancing in my seat because I love old school vibes. When I first heard the title of the play, I didn't connect the dots between the title and the content of the show. Than I realized BUMP paid homage to the roundness of women's bellies throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

The play took place in two time periods. One was 21st century America and the other was 18th century America. Now of course there is a huge difference between those time periods. One is much more advanced in terms of technology, and then you can just imagine how giving birth was like during the 18th century. I mean OUCH. The pain the women had to bare because there was no epidural...

My mother is a perfect example since she gave birth to not only one child but four with a set of twins in the mix (that's me!). Unfortunately my twin sister and I, in addition to my older sister, did not make the cut when it came to easy pregnancies. So that only leaves my brother who happens to be the only boy. Ironically, he is the least involved/connected to our family because he is living the single bachelor life. So when my mom starts saying my brother was her least stressful pregnancy, I remind her who is the closest to her. 

I always imagined what pregnancy is truly like. The show definitely shined a light on the fact that we all view and experience it differently. Some of us may love the idea of pregnancy and giving birth and others dread it. But I believe the most important part is to realize a child is supposed to be made out of love. Though the idea of pregnancy frightens me to death, I know that I 100% want to be a mother. But if you were to ask me when I was 16 years old, I would have laughed. Me and children at the time...actually still, have an interesting relationship, sort of like love and hate. I never got along with my small cousins, nieces, and nephews. But I've realized that my favorite stage of a child is the newborn stage. That is when they are so tiny, soft, and they just sleep all day. But, unfortunately they cannot remain newborns forever because they must grow up and become productive people in society *sigh*

I would like to welcome two children into this world. If you really think about it, female bodies were made for pregnancy/birth. Though we can't stand the pain, that feeling of empowerment hits you. I can't wait to experience that.

Editor's Note (Christine): "female bodies were made for pregnancy/birth", but like also women can do whatever they want with their bodies.
Editor's note (Cheyanne): How great is it that women have the biology to bear children but can also decide not to.

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