Marisol @ Brooklyn College Presents : Bring a Weasel and a Pint of Your Own Blood PROGRAM B. - Big mistake!

What's it about?

Two 40 minute shows that are inspired by paintings by the artist Martin Ramirez. 

My experience.

Well the beginning of this experience was actually really exciting. I had a set day plan starting with this AMAZING ramen at this restaurant called Tonchin. If you get the chance, try it out. I went with my friends and then I headed over to the show with one of them named Elizabeth. Nothing better than dinner and a show! 

This show though was really exciting because I went to support my friend. We've been friends since we were nine. Her name is Sophia. She was stage managing all of the shows and I am like one of her biggest fans. Because of this, my sister and her boyfriend also joined us that night to support and watch the show.


The first show was about a soup kitchen and it's crew and making sandwiches. I found this one very interesting. It shared a lot about the characters and it kept me interested. 

The second show however... I really blame myself for not being a good theater goer and not reading the writer's explanation. I sometimes like to be surprised so I don't read back story. BIG MISTAKE. I was SOO confused! The actors only said four words in various variations for a while and I was so lost. I really just kept thinking that these actors are AMAZING because I would assume that remembering all those variations of the same four words and saying them correctly is NOT easy. I kinda ended up trying to make sense of it all. AFTER the show, I opened the program and it made SO much sense! The explanation said its inspiration and explained the painting. *Note to self: read backstory* 

The two shows were so different but it was interesting to see something come to life that was inspired by a painting. It isn't everyday you see such new takes on things and I enjoyed seeing that. It was a good day. 


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