Houssaynatou @ 'Blue Ridge' - so-called “drug epidemic”

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A young woman who tries to help everyone except herself.

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I absolutely loved this.

I don't know if it was because this was my first show on a Saturday when I had no school or work, or because I was just in a good mood. At first I thought I was not going to like this show because I just had a bad vibe for some reason, but I was so wrong. When the show started I saw a middle-aged white woman on stage who looked VERY high. Her eyeballs were protruding out of her head and they were so puffy and red. I immediately thought: drug addict. I instantly felt disappointed because I hate watching movies and/or plays about drugs and addicts.

This so-called “drug epidemic” happening in the U.S. is so overblown. There is so much government funding put into initiatives to prevent people from being addicts. So I think if you choose to take drugs that is your decision, but do not expect the government to pick up the pieces. I feel as though there are so many other dire issues happening in this country that need as much attention, funding and help. For example, on Staten Island (where I live) there is a campaign going on called "Staten Islanders Against Drug Abuse." The signs are plastered everywhere from abandoned homes to local businesses. This so-called epidemic also seems to afflict mostly white people.

Blue Ridge is set in a halfway house, where a group of addicts gather together to reclaim themselves. The one person who can’t seem to get a hold of herself is Alison. She has no idea why she is there because she is not a drug addict. Though I initially thought she was one based on her appearance, turns out she is an anger addict. Basically she has anger issues that caused her to take an ax and destroy her lover's car. But it wasn't just that, she was also a teacher and her lover was the principal at the school where she taught. If that wasn’t humiliating enough, her lover treated her like a rag doll by manipulating her physically and emotionally. This caused her to be angry with pretty much all men, but can you blame a sister? It's hard to give your everything to someone and have the guy take advantage of it as if it's nothing. So, I praise her ax-wielding tantrum because it’s a form of badassery and taking back control!

Since Alison was not a drug addict, she was eager to make that known to everyone. She looked at herself as being an adviser at the halfway house by counseling others even though she was the one who needed the counseling. This completely screamed denial to me. Then she proceeded to betray a housemate by exposing her secret affair with the pastor. That right there had me on the edge of my chair. Before I knew it the show was over and I was just left wanting more. It ended on a cliffhanger — a to-be-continued type of ending. The show touched on so many issues including race, biases, patriarchy, drugs and religion. It felt as though I was witnessing exactly what the country is currently and will likely always face.

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