POST: 'Blank! The Musical' - There was a chicken though… and a donkey and a cow.

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4 improv actors take the stage and come up with a never before seen performance based on the input of the audience.

My experience.

My friend Liza needed to see a musical for a school assignment. She wanted me to go with her and pick out a cheap musical because I also work for the tickets teams here at PXP. While researching shows, I came across Blank: The Musical. The word 'blank' caught my eye and I found out it was an improv show. I sent her a link and we wound up at a comedy club a month later.

Four actors came out as well as a three piece band (piano, winds, and percussion.) The stage was quite small for a show. No props at all, just a small red curtain and stage lights (which also were improvised).

There were four actors - 3 men and 1 woman. The website claimed these were the 'best' improv actors there are, but to me I thought I was seeing a more professional version of an acting class exercise. I’m not saying it was terrible at all. I had a grand time and would love to go again.

How the improv for this show works is that the actors would get the audience to pick words and phrases that we would vote for on our phones. They asked us for song titles, the name of the show, and a dramatic line, etc.

Our show for that night was called Was it the Chicken or the Egg? It was neither about a chicken nor its egg. There was a chicken though… and a donkey and a cow.

They came up with songs on the spot and they were really quite catchy. I left the show singing some of the songs out on the street. Some of the titles were  “Beat It”, “Roar”, and “I Love Captain Crunch. ” The dramatic line was “and then it was sunny.”

It’s really too bad nobody will ever get to see this performance. Liza and I wished we could have been to some of the other shows because they mentioned they did one called Directing One Direction. I could only imagine how they interpreted Zayn leaving.

Basically our show was about a farmer named Dan and his wife, Esther, who were trying to have a baby. The wife wanted a baby more and kept pressuring farmer Dan for the baby. Their arguing was causing bad weather for some reason. Esther sent Farmer Dan to a doctor that I thought was a Urologist, but he ended up being a psychologist because he was trying to find a psychological cause for his reproductive problem. Somehow the donkey ended up in his thoughts and he came to the realization that he had a sexual attraction to the donkey and didn't wanna have kids because he still wanted to be a kid. 

Farmer Dan told Esther the news and so she left to live with the doctor who the other two male actors kept referring to him as the gay doctor. The female actress eventually said "he's just a doctor. There's no need to keep calling him the gay doctor." Honestly I swear the actor playing the doctor did this reaction when they first called him out for being gay.

At least he doesn't fantasize about a donkey's ass.

Farmer Dan and Esther eventually did have babies, but not the way they've been trying. After talking with the chicken, the cow, and the donkey in what I believed was the perspective of the deteriorating mind of Farmer Dan, he was convinced by the animals to spread his ‘seeds’ on the land. The soil babies grew the next day and the dramatic line of "and then it was sunny," was said and the weirdest show I have ever seen was done.

It wasn't the most cohesive show, but it was definitely worth my time. Kinda made me wanna take an acting class.

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