POST: 'Black Light' - Let myself be as I am

What it's about. 

"The longer you look into the darkness, the more you see."

My experience.

So many productions work to create a message for the audience to take away. Something that is embedded within lines here and there, and ties up in a pretty bow at the end. Black Light was different. It didn’t want to hide the moral message and have me figure it out - it was spelled out for me. 

“What if you gave yourself permission to feel whatever you want to feel? What if you gave yourself permission to do anything you want to do?” We are with ourselves for 24 hours a day, we know our personal routines better than anyone else, but we still seek permission to be who we are.  Instead, we are who is acceptable to be. 

I have put a lot of personal thought into it and I am determined to let myself be as I am - at all times.  That being myself and being vulnerable is a beautiful thing. That is what Black Light presented me with, another reminder that my destiny is for me to create, and I should just trust myself. 

Towards the end of this story, that’s when we were told to care for one another. To look around and take in who we are sitting next to, to remember that every person has a whole story behind them. Just because someone is a stranger, it does not mean they hold less of a life than I do. We all add our own light in this world. We find ourselves through the experiences we go through, and none of those experiences are right or wrong, they are part of the journey that takes us where we need to be. One thing we need to be aware of is letting ourselves be in the place that is right for us, that we don't need to hide our feelings, because if we do, we won't go to the places we could have been so happy in.

Having this said to me through this performance was no coincidence, I needed to hear this other than in my own head.  I felt calm hearing this, as it reminded me that being me is the only way to be, that all of the external forces that try to take the "me" out of Meytav will never benefit me, and if something doesn't benefit me it does not deserve my attention. 

I feel energy, I can sense it when I walk in a room. And walking into the intimate and darkly lit playing space for Black Light had a soothing aura, just the energy that this show gave off said a lot about the message that was told. 

Be calm. Be me. Let myself be. 

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