Ben @ 'The Net Will Appear' - I'm not as smart as I think I am

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Bernard just wants to chill out on his roof, drinking quietly. But nine-year-old Rory has other plans.

My experience.

One of my favorite clichés is “don’t judge a book by its cover.” In the Twitter age, when we love to be petty, this may seem like a bit of an antiquated phrase. But The Net Will Appear showed me that this saying can still help guide us to a better understanding of one another. (And don’t worry, this isn’t just about our politics.)


The Net Will Appear gave this expression a whole new meaning. I was forced to consider deep-seated scars from my past (especially my childhood), and my greatest fears for the future were dredged up. I am still pretty young, and I often unconsciously think of myself as the “master of my fate, captain of my soul.” But am I?

It’s easy to look at where someone lives, what someone wears or how someone carries themselves and assume the rest of the details of their lives. When I watched the main characters interact—a spunky, energetic nine-year-old girl and a crotchety, cranky 75-year-old man—I was 100% guilty of this. Without giving the lot away, when you watch and listen to these characters on stage, it is hard not to caricature them. But we are all complex—so many things impacted and influenced us as we grew into the world we now inhabit. While I might find a child’s relentless drive for attention and play to be grating or exhausting, or an old geezer’s curmudgeonly demeanor worthy of an eye roll, I never got the opportunity to hold onto those prejudices for long. I was always stopped in my tracks just when I had solidified my perceptions of these characters.

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Life goes fast, and it’s easy to miss the little intricacies that make all of our life stories a little different. I value these moments when theatre makes me think about things I might not otherwise consider. People often have more to them than meets the eye.

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