Julia NOT @ 'Because I Could Not Stop: An Encounter With Emily Dickinson' - Amy Beach, if you're out there: Thanks, girl!

What’s it about?

I have no idea since I didn’t see it. If you did, I would love to know!

My experience.

So…I don’t even know what to tell you.

Basically the show was set to start at 2pm. Nothing was happening for 15 minutes and I started to look around in my seat. Other people were also looking at their watches to check how long they’d been there. I saw a stage crew member look a little frantic.

Then, a man who looked very scared appeared on stage. He announced that the show had been canceled due to a cast member’s illness.

People were pissed. I was not. I was like whatever, I get to go home early. I didn’t pay for the ticket.

Editor’s note (Christine): LOL

Even though I don’t have anything else to say about the play, I’ll just tell you a little bit about why I wanted see this.

I saw the name Emily Dickinson in a suggested list of shows to see. I barely knew anything about her besides that she was a well-know poet. I looked the show up and saw it was going to involve the music of Amy Beach. I did a research/analysis paper on her music in my Music History 3 class last spring. I didn’t know anything about Amy Beach before I did my paper, but I chose to write about her from a list my professor gave. When he asked why I picked her I said, “I like that her last name is Beach and I wanna look into female composers.”

This is one of my favorite pieces of hers.

I’m not a super-nerd with classical music, but there is something about Beach’s music that catches my ear. I really took an interest in her music and, in one of my theory classes, we had to compose music similar to the same time period of my history class, so I did something inspired by Amy Beach.

No real humans were used in this production. All instruments heard are programmed by midi.

See it (‘Cause I sure didn’t):

Saw it (lucky you, check if it’s been 15 mins):

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