POST: 'Ballyturk' - What in the world is "Ballyturk"?

What it's about.

Two dudes, a small Irish town, and some essential questions about life.

My experience.

This is a weird one. Even for me. Let me just take you through my thought process for this little gem. Get ready for more questions than answers…..

Who are these dudes? Where are they? What is this? Are we in Ireland? Why do these two dudes keep taking off and putting back on their clothes?  And, what in the world is “Ballyturk”?!?

Like I said before - I am St.Ann’s #1 fan! They are 100% my favourite theatre, but this was such a disorienting story. I’m usually okay at deciphering these weird ones, but not today. Today I was left confused and cold - well cold mostly due to NYC’s winter wonderland weather 😑 .


Ok, someone stop me. I’ve been listening to Shaggy all week.

Anyway, back to Ballyturk. Picture this, two dudes. One’s covered in sh*tty white paint and white tidy whities. The other one just a lanky little dude. I like to think of their dynamic a lot like George and Lennie from Of Mice and Men. If you don’t know about that book, basically: two dudes - one dumber than the other - crossroad around Cali in look of a job. Bunch of stuff happens - one of them ends up in a less than advantageous ending. This is pretty much what these two were, two messy dudes in some weird a** situation - I had no clue what was going on. Honestly? Don’t know if I ever will.

This story reminds me a lot of 1984 - if you didn’t have a chance to see that. It’s similar in the sense of it being this disorienting story that both creeps you out, but also has your full attention. “Play with my feelings”, has never been more true. Throw in loud 80’s music in the mix and the fact that everyone seems fake in this world - and you have a confused Christine. I feel like my writing and ‘explanations’ are as jumbled as my thought process during this show. I think my best shot at coming even remotely close to sharing my experience is listing what watching this felt like.

  • It was like watching a live-action version of those paintings that are just a blank canvas with a black dot. Like...what?

  • It’s like that first math class on imaginary numbers. When has “ i ” ever equaled anything other than me talking about myself?


It’s like realizing that on your birthday people give you balloons - which are basically, in the worlds of Bill Murray, ”plastic sack[s] of my breath." Ew.


But…. it was also as amazing as realizing that Hamilton is pretty much an Alexander Hamilton fanfic. With ELEVEN Tony’s!!!! - Move over 50 Shades of Grey.

giphy-4 7.04.26 PM.gif

To say the least, it’s rare and strangely satisfying letting someone confuse me for about 90 minutes. And I am leaving a lot of what the actual story is about out, because in reality to me this is one of “those shows”. No matter how much I can try to decipher the characters or the crazy sh*t that happens in this little Irish town, the experience of laughing out of confusion and pleasure is a feeling I didn’t know I could have.

Also, in honour of this being just a weird show. I leave with you a very vague last clue on what to expect 😉😉


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