POST: 'Babette's Feast' - It screams diversity

What it's about.

A French maid finds herself in a small Norwegian town, but her presence has created a shift in the town.

My experience.

Babette is a star of the show Orange is the New Black. Now I'm not quite familiar with that show because of the graphic content (I hate cursing and explicit scenes). But Babette nevertheless made her grand entrance 30 minutes into the show from the back of the theatre. Ironically, I was seated at the very back, with the entire row to myself. So when I saw a moving black table cloth passing by me, I freaked out. Then the lights shined bright on my face as if I was the star of the show, but little did I know it was Babette making her grand entrance. 

The cast members were wearing a mixture of pilgrimage and Shakespearean clothing. The cast was very diverse with the lead character being an African American woman. I love watching a show that screams diversity because it helps me understand the storyline and most importantly puts a smile on my face. The storyline depicts the lives of the townspeople in a small part of Norway. There are two sisters that are the talk of the town because of their demeanor, angelic voices, and devotion to their religion, Christianity. All the men want to marry them and all the women want to be just like them. This type of reputation has put a toll on their lives because all eyes are on them at all times. But what many don't know is that they are not perfect, just like everyone else. At times me and my twin sister are looked at as that by those in the Guinean community. In my culture, if you have children that are going to school, not getting into trouble, working, and helping their parents financially than your considered a golden child in the eyes of others. Now of course me and my twin sister are nowhere near that but it does feel good that others think of my sister and I like that. 

I thought Babette unexpectedly stumbled amongst this town but that was not the case. She was sent by a former town member who made a move on one of the sisters. He thought it will be best for him to leave or else he will be tortured for touching one of the "holy" sisters. Babette herself was seeking refuge after experiencing the loss of her husband and son in France. She needed to experience an environment that did not remind her of her loss. As she maneuvered the stage, she spoke French and English. I was super excited because I understand French. Though she tried her best to produce the French accent, it was impossible to get it down pact because only true French people can produce it. 

After remaining in the town for twelve years, working as a house maid for the "holy" sisters, Babette gained significant popularity. She was loved amongst all for her witty behavior and motherly comfort. But after receiving a letter from a friend in France noting that she has won the lottery of 10,000 Francs, she set sail back to France. I found that to be quite funny, but I guess you got to do what's best for you. Though no one wanted her to leave - from the preacher to the local bread seller, she had made her decision. This was a great show that spoke to me in that no matter your gender, race, or religion, your heart of gold will be acknowledged.

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