POST: 'Avenue Q' - expecting a lot of avenues

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Just an R-rated Sesame Street. That is all.

Our experience.

Disha and my friendship has grown from random roommates to sisters over the course of a quick two years, and so it only makes sense I'd drag her to a musical with me by now. She's introduced me into her world of R & B music- sharing upcoming artists, exposing me to how music is made and even dragging me to concerts I didn't know any of the words to. She's updated my music taste, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and let me chill with her friends who also just so happen to be ahead of their time musicians. Now instead of listening to Les Miserables when I need to relax, I'll turn on a little Sade or Tobi Lou. 

Soooo I felt it was about time to shock her with the world of theater. These two worlds may coexist in the realm of art but damnnn, there are very different vibes present. So I was nervous for Disha's reaction to being doused in musical chaos. Here's our experience seeing Avenue Q! Enjoy.

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