Houssaynatou @ 'American Tranquility' - just a room full of white people

What’s it about?

A one-man show depicting an array of Americans reacting to our current political climate.

My experience.

I was quite excited to go to this show. With the nature of our political climate, I know it's making people go crazy. I am definitely one of those people and I can assure you that I find myself constantly thinking, how did we get here?

In the back of my mind, I was hoping the audience would include a diverse group of ethnicities, political views and more. But, when I walked in, it was just a room full of white people with liberal views. The main actor portrayed four different characters with different political views: liberal, conservative, far-right and far-left. To be honest with you, I did not know what far-left and far-right meant. I always felt like they were drastic ways of saying extremists of either the Republican or Democratic party. But, after seeing this show, I have a better understanding of what those terms actually mean and seem to represent.

There are lots of laughs but, if you do not have a sense of humor I do not think you will like this show, because there are cringe-worthy moments. I'm only human and I did react, but then I snapped myself out of it. For example, the Muslim comment from the conservative character hit home for me because I am a Muslim, but also an American. The two should never conflict with one another or force you to choose between one or the other.

Democracy is one of our founding values, one we pride ourselves on so much, and it seems like we should be more concerned about it now more than ever. Now, I don't want to get political and all, but since this show was geared toward curious beings such as myself, I will!

Our country is changing day by day and, as a young person, I am worried. We are progressing, indeed, just in the wrong direction it seems. I still have some time to live and experience life in full. I don't want such a careless man in one of the most important jobs in the world. Hopefully, in due time, we will get back on track and pride ourselves on what this country stands for: THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE!

‘Cause now, it just feels like walking into a room full of white people.

now closed. no worries we gotchu!

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