Andrew @ ‘American Son’ - full of black excellence #BlackGirlMagic


You see the headlines, you see the stars, you see the black excellence!!!


Kerry Washington in American Son was every little thing I needed and more. Right off the bat I knew I was in for some good theatre on account of being a Scandal fan. As soon as she got on stage, I was ready to scream: “HEY EVERYBODY, IT’S OLIVIA POPE!”


But of course, that would’ve been super-disrespectful. I mean obviously, she’s not on no gotdamn Scandal set, she’s on Broadway! 

Okay, enough about Scandal, let’s get into American Son. The entire play was set in a Florida police station where Kendra (Kerry Washington) waited to hear news about her son, whose car was reportedly stopped by authorities. 

Kendra’s intuition told her that something was wrong. She didn’t feel safe knowing that her 6’3” 18-year-old black son was with police. Kendra tirelessly questioned the authorities at the station about the well-being of her child, but they always came up with some bull$h!% reason as to why they couldn’t tell her anything.

The officer made little remarks that caught Kendra off guard. He kept saying he knew exactly how she felt, but in reality, we all know damn well he didn’t. At one point she had enough and asked him if he had a black son since he’d been pouring out nothing but some fake-a$$ empathy. 

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kendra asked for some water and the officer directed her toward two water fountains right next to each other. Wow. That’s some shade on that fact that not much has changed since segregation.

The moment Kendra took her water break, her white husband walked into the station, right when the officer started talking trash about her. He was calling her “ghetto,” “loud” and all types of derogatory names. He also told her husband about three black boys who were stopped by cops, not knowing that one of them was his son. 

When Kendra walked back in the room and greeted her husband the whole audience gagged!!! It was the plot we needed! The officer started to backpedal and act all sorry… we knew it was nothing but BULL$h!%!

Kendra felt helpless knowing that her son might not be safe, especially in the political climate we’re currently in. She made a point to mention Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Mike Brown’s police encounters so they could get a chance to understand where she’s coming from.

Personally, as a black man living in America, she didn’t have to tell me twice. I know damn well that every day I get to walk this earth is a blessing. It’s already fatal out here in so many ways, and it just sucks that we have to add police brutality, prejudice and racism to the list.

⚠️Spoiler Alert⚠️

After a while the officer came back with horrible news. He informed Kendra and her husband that their son let his friend drive, and that the kid had a misdemeanor and was in possession of marijuana. After they were stopped by the cops, they decided to get out of the car and approach the police car. In doing so, the cop shot him and his two friends.

After that news, the set faded to black signifying the end. Kendra and her husband were more than devastated. What do you do when your worst nightmare comes true? I could never imagine having to bury my own child.

⚠️Spoiler Over ⚠️

I feel so fortunate that I got the opportunity to see something so iconic and full of black excellence. I get to say I’ve seen a play produced by Jada-Pinkett Smith, Gabrielle Union-Wade, Dwyane Wade and Shonda Rhimes that starred Kerry Washington! Oh, I’m officially coolest! BLACK BOY/GIRL MAGIC REIGNS AGAIN!

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