Alyssa @ 'Wars of the Roses' - Filipino parents DO NOT STOP!

What's it about?

The manipulation it takes to get to the throne.

My experience.

I was so transfixed with the path I took to get to the theater. It was a theater by Union Square. The surrounding area wasn't filled with skyscrapers and commercialized stores. Instead, there was a clump of small buildings and cobbled streets. At one point, I was wondering if this was even Manhattan. 

This play was filled with a crazy turn of events to say the least. King Henry was replaced by the Duke of York who was killed by the family that put King Edward in power. Richard, Edward's brother wanted the throne and Richard hatched a plot to kill his siblings and marry the widowed queen to get the throne. What really bothered me was that when Richard confessed to the queen that he killed King Henry. The queen, when given the opportunity to kill him, didn't do so. It hurt me that the queen didn't smite him when given the chance. She would have done a service and stopped him from killing more people. I believe that she is also to be blamed majorly for the disastrous turn of events.  

The highlight of this was getting into Act II, where I received so many phone calls from my mom. If there is something that you need to know about Filipino parents is that they DO NOT STOP! I remember the time turning to 10:30 and my mom asking me what time it was, saying that it was way too late. To me, 10:30 is the new 8:00! What really bothered her was when I hung out with friends on a school night, as if that was very scandalous. See if I was in my mom's position, I would only have four rules. Not so much to ask for right?

1. Have fun.

2. Get home by midnight.

3. Don't get kidnapped.

4. Follow rules one through three.

Still being the proper respectful person I am, I returned to my seat.

Editor's Note (Cheyanne): #SCANDALOUS! I'm low-key proud.

Editor's Note (Christine): I sleep at 4am. 


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