Allysa @ ‘The Prom’ - I was expecting more

What’s it about?

Set in small-town Indiana, The Prom is about a girl who is barred from attending her prom by the PTA because she wanted to bring another girl as her date. Broadway celebrities get a hold of this news and, for publicity purposes, help make her prom a reality. #SUPERrealistic

My experience.

I feel like this was one of those trendy LGBTQ+ shows on everyone's list. There were a lot of anti-Trump jokes so, if you are the kind of person who likes that sort of humor, this will definitely be for you.

The show was not what I expected. Yes, it is a Broadway show, but it didn't have that, like, spark. There was nothing very fancy about the set itself, and elaborate sets are one of the main reasons these expensive shows even get a visit from me. I only truly felt transfixed during the actual prom scenes because of the lights and the choreography. Other than that, I actually found nothing that special about The Prom (save for its message of inclusivity).

I mean, Applebee's was an actual setting in this production. I think going to the actual Times Square Applebee's around the block would have been more entertaining. I was expecting more of a backstory about the Broadway stars that came to this girl’s rescue, and more over-the-top musical numbers, but it all really seemed mundane. Don’t get me wrong, there were some great musical numbers, but they were the same as any other Broadway show.

Since it was about what it meant to be a lesbian or gay in a small town (there were multiple stories within this musical), I was looking for more about what it is like dealing with the realization of being gay and not really being able to tell anyone. There was a major scene in which one of the main characters finally came out as a lesbian, but I wanted to know what was going on in her head, all the mix of emotions that must come with that realization or if there were none at all. Kinda felt like a waste of such an important topic that could have been explored a lot more.

She was a lesbian in high school, like come on. Being a teenager and gay in a small town?!? I need more.

I would have loved to see more scenes about how the main character’s family reacted to her coming out too! Even for someone like me (straight and female), I feel like it is important for these scenes to be there because there are plenty of people who struggle with coming out, and they could find the courage in a show like this to come to terms with their sexuality and the struggle of facing their family.

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