Rick @ 'Frankenstein: A New Musical' - Why are you so petty?

What’s it about?

A musical based on Mary Shelley’s famous novel Frankenstein, which has already been made into a lot of movies and shows.

My experience.

You know that moment when you’re in class or in some sort of lecture that’s pretty interesting, but you just can’t keep your eyes open because you’re so sleep deprived? You try your hardest to pay attention and take notes, but you just can’t help dozing off? Even worse, the room you’re in has the perfect conditions for you to take a well-deserved (but inappropriate) nap?

Yeah, that’s exactly how I felt throughout Frankenstein.

Frankenstein 2.jpg

NOW, I just want to clarify.

I was really excited to see this show and I really dig the Halloween theme. However, I was SO tired (even though I had slept six to seven hours the night before) and I kept dozing off. The dark theatre, the deep singing and the comfortable chairs didn’t help. With that said, I still paid enough attention in between dozing (I mastered this art in college) to take notice of two really interesting points from this musical. Before getting to them, I must admit I’ve never fully read the book or seen the original movie of Frankenstein, but I know the main idea and that there is some romance in this.

Point #1: Everyone can be petty.

You ever been in a relationship when you’re young and you pull the silent treatment on your significant other instead of being mature and communicating? Yeah, Frankenstein is the manifestation of that pettiness.

Okay, so in this play of Frankenstein, a “monster” was created by Victor Frankenstein, a scientist searching for the secret of life. Victor, afraid and ashamed of his creation, abandons Frankenstein and, rather than kill him, creates a bride for Frankenstein. This stirs up some crazy emotions in Frankenstein. He then vows to cause Victor the same pain that Victor caused him.

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Long story short, Frankenstein kills Victor’s bride so that Victor can also suffer.


I get it Frankenstein, you’re tight. But you literally just arrived on Earth. How the hell did you learn to be so petty? You devised a plan that not only tricks a highly educated scientist but also causes him such emotional pain.

Yeah, you’re technically an adult… but don’t you still have to be around people long enough to learn to do stuff like this? It seems way above your level of intellect, Frankenstein. I think it would have made more sense for Frankenstein to just have killed Victor, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

There’s a Frankenstein in all of us. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had my petty moments in the past and that I’ve had to work on that. I’m sure you’ve been in the same boat. In a sense, Frankenstein is the manifestation of our inner, extremely petty, child.

Point #2: Pettiness Doesn’t Win

While Victor was working on Frankenstein, he spent A LOT of time at his lab away from his wife-to-be, Elizabeth, and he was overall an a*s. However, Elizabeth braved it through and was way more understanding than she needed to be. She supported him and didn’t jump to conclusions about his weird behavior and late-night antics. She trusted him completely.

What’s even more impressive is that she accepted Frankenstein when no one else would. Even when he was ready to kill her, even though he was butt ugly. Unfortunately, Frankenstein’s petty ass couldn’t process this and he hurt her too in his vengeance. I loved her and I couldn’t help but compare her to Jesus, as she loved even in the face of evil, unconditionally. Pretty deep.

Frankenstein 4.jpg

In the end, Frankenstein ends up alone with no one to love him and no one to care. All that pettiness and hate was used to build a life of emptiness.

Congrats, Frankenstein.

And that’s what I got from this show. Not bad for someone who dozed off for most of it, or so I think haha. (;


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