POST: 'A Rap Guide to Consciousness' - dopest f*cking science lesson

What it's about 

Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman settles in for the only peer-reviewed science rap on Broadway and, TED Talk style, explains how the brain works and the theories of consciousness. 

My experience.

I sense great conflict within you.

I had no clue what this show was actually about, but I've been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify for days now. 

Firstly, yo, I did not even realize what theater this show was playing at, and it turned out to be the same theater I saw my first show for PXP in Summer 2016, and that's real fucking cool. 

More importantly: yo, dawg, if you are looking to learn something this week, in the funniest, most impressive, dopest fucking science lesson you're ever going to experience, see this show. Rap Guide to Consciousness is the most fascinating and informative show I have ever seen, and I had no intention of learning anything going to it. I went blind to this show, and it turned out to make my entire weekend. 

It's freestyling, it's improv, it's funny, it's cute as hell. It's goddamned peer-reviewed by actual scientists who made sure the science presented is as true as it is fun. I cannot stress enough how much I didn't know shit about what this show was supposed to be. 

Yet, I found myself chillin' in my seat, surrounded by some pretty drunk folk, bumpin' to some sick fucking tracks tellin' me how the brain works and how my dude Baba Brinkman's son don't know any kinda feeling. 

I wish I could come down on this article with some sick messages or deep words like I usually do, but anything deep or interesting I could spit was already spat on stage at the SoHo Playhouse. I'd love to see more like this. I found out that this man has produced more Rap Guides that have been on stage and got albums to listen to, so I've been jumping on those. But, God, I'd love to see more educational shows that can live to this level of presentation. It challenged my thoughts on the idea of consciousness, threw a lot of things I never imagined or thought about and forced me to put my brain to work. 

I'm glad I unexpectedly spent my Saturday night becoming a "Good Bayesian™ (Now Available for purchase). 

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