POST: 'A Patron of the Arts' - This dude’s teacher is efffeeeddd up.

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A drug dealer's delivery to a trailer ends up being the friensship of a lifetime. 

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My first time at The Mentor Project was back in 2016. I saw Passover, which was insanely good and hilarious. So, naturally I wanted to come back around and see what else they had to offer. This entire series of plays - two plays annually - are written by emerging (usually young) writers who are paired with established writers and within a two week span they produce a full blown show. I didn’t know about the whole two week thing last time I was here, so after having seen this show - that is insane.

Yes, I mostly choose this show as soon as I saw the words 'drug' and 'dealer' in the same sentence. Ever since Narcos I haven’t been the same….Anyway, umm yeah. Drugs, a dealer who is a “good” jewish boy, and drug delivery to a trailer park where a dude who has decided to ghost his wife a kids. Why? Cause apparently family life gets a little too much sometimes and you can totally just leave people with no explanation at all. Also...the dude who ghosted his fam, happens to have been the drug dealer’s art teacher in high school - that’s not weird at all.

Weirdly this isn’t me being sarcastic, I actually had a strange enough interaction with one of my teachers in the past. Of course I wasn’t selling drugs, but it was one of those almost out of body experience when you realize your teacher is an actual person outside of school. Isn’t that weird? Teacher I mean. It’s legit a stranger that ends up teaching some insanely deep stuff within an hour in a cramped room with a bunch of other people you don’t know. Then even crazier, they have an entire life outside of that classroom. What the hell?!?

It is more of silent rule that you don’t go out of your way to ask personal questions about your teacher’s life. Even the fact that you can’t really call them by their first name, mostly cause it feels weird, and instead it’s their last name that you use. If I was a teacher I would barely ever respond to my last name, also who the hell decided this was better than calling people by their first name. If anything it makes them seem less human somehow - at least to high school me. This all leading up to the fact that if there has ever been a more fu*ked up situation to meet your high school teacher in, it's definitely while being a drug dealer.

This dude’s teacher is efffeeeddd up. Like more screwed than the drug dealer. Leaving your wife and kids behind would probably do that to a man, but I don’t think I’ve seen white man with that many problems in a while. Like wow. Might be more of a dramatic change due to the fact that at some point he had an art piece hanging up at the Getty Center. How do you screw up that bad? You suck at being an adult, i.e. just dealing with shit, i.e. being human, that thing I forget teachers are.

He is painter, the teacher I mean. As someone who lives in an area of NYC littered with a wide variety of “artists”, I tend to see this as a red flag - ok not a red flag, more like...idk...yellow flag? Proceed with caution if you will. Creatively inclined individuals can be highly susceptible to being some level of fu*ked up. Slightly more than the average person. So, my shock is more about the young drug dealer (of all people) being the guide for the grown ass adult who really caused the mess his life is himself. It’s becoming clearer (that a word?) to me that being an “adult” doesn’t go off age really. I’d measure it by the level at which you stop f*cking up your life and being able to keep your sh*t together in the face of life problems.

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