POST: 'A Brooklyn Boy' - something like a tell-all book

What it's about.

A one-man show starring a boy from Brooklyn who takes us through the journey of his life.

My experience.

The show was an hour long without an intermission so you know I already loved it. Steven, the Brooklyn boy reenacted tragic events from his life which helped mold him into the man he is today.

This production was something of a tell-all book. I felt like Steven had an agenda to tell his entire truth without caring if anyone judged him. You could see the vulnerability in his eyes with every story he told.

Steven has been through so much you wouldn’t even believe it. Here’s what he talked about:

-      Being 1 years old and his father being sent to prison

-       Living in roughing parts of Bed-Stuy

-       Being affiliated with a gang

-       His grandpa pushing religion on him

-       Robbing people

-       Fighting random people

-       Getting arrested

-       Getting chased by the cops

-       Gang violence

-       Facing jail time

-       Life on probation for 5 years

-       And of course, the love of his mother

After every story, I tried to regroup as fast as I could because I knew the next one would be even crazier. I literally was like…

I mean the stories were unbelievable!

I grew up in Brooklyn and I was familiar with every street and neighborhood he referenced which gave me an advantage. I had the option to channel the neighborhoods he talked about and look at them through my own eyes.

Steven’s a boy that was lost and just needed some guidance. When he ran into a friend one day who lost his eye to gang violence, Steven realized that the streets are not where he wants to be. He then focused on his music, acting, and dancing which has led to his show, A Brooklyn Boy.

I admire Steven for his vulnerability, because a lot of people could judge someone because of their actions in the past and he chose to forgo everyone’s opinion and told his story.

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