POST: 'Wicked' - truly changed my life

What's it about?

The untold story of the two most famous witches from the Wizard of Oz.

What'd I experience?

Sister Andrea Duarte (Right) and Me (Left)

Sister Andrea Duarte (Right) and Me (Left)

Wicked truly changed my life.

Walking into the theater, it was huge! Like 4 sets of stairs up, HUGE.  AS I walked in to get to my seat, I saw that there was a DRAGON on top on the stage... it was so beautiful!

The show had me hooked from the first moment, and the main characters were who really got my attention. Basically it was Glinda, the beautiful popular girl, who claimed to be “good” and Elphaba, A.K.A. The Wicked Witch of the West. She was the outcast, who not even her dad could love and WASN'T EVEN evil. whaaaaa?! Although they were polar opposites, I could see myself in both girls. For instance, I loved Glinda’s cute and girly attitude, wanting to make the world beautiful. She was complacent and told she could be “good", but I loved her innocent mentality. With Elphaba, I loved that she was so humble. All she cared about was her sister and equal rights for all, which is why she was labeled evil, and I wanted that bravery. They were #friendshipgoals.

Together, they went through so many different adventures but there were two that I am still trying to get over the shock of. 

One was when Elphaba was running from the guards because she realized the wizard was an EVIL fake... MIND BLOWN! He even tricked her into making the monkeys in the castle “levitate” A.K.A. the flying monkeys from The Wizard of OZ. Wait what?! They weren’t there the entire time? Glinda said farewell to Elphaba and decided to stay with the Wizard to become #GAlinda the Good, but Elphaba wasn’t so easily convinced. She refused to take the power and decided to fight for her cause. She levitates on her broom and then…….. SHE WAS UP IN THE AIR. Black fabric all around the fog...  all I could think was YOU GO GIRL. NOW THAT'S HOW TO MAKE A STATEMENT.

photo credits: My sister @princessdrea

photo credits: My sister @princessdrea

The second scene was near the end where, after everything, Glinda and Elphaba talk to each other and realize that after everything, they impacted each other's life. I was truly in my feelings at this moment because in a world with negativity, that one special person can make all the difference. #BLESSED!

Anyway I’m going to go play the soundtrack on repeat! BYE!!!!





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