POST: 'Who's Holiday' - the life story of Cindy Lou Who

What it's about.

This darkly humorous one woman play presents an all grown up Cindy Lou Who who is planning to host a Christmas party with all her friends.  Throughout the play she talks about her life growing up, and discovers who truly cares about her.

My experience.

The life story that Cindy Lou Who was retelling was humorous at its surface, yet tragic at its core.  A woman who relies on drinking and smoking to get her energy up and to drown away any unwanted feelings is far from the conventional definition of funny, yet to portray it in a way as if it were a joke may give off the impression and even convince others that that's what it really is. And it does a great job of making it seem like a joke, when it isn't.  This is someone's life and their horrible circumstances. 

The most basic statement I could make was to say that I loved the show - which is true, but it took me a while to figure out why I loved it so much. Finding humor in everything was practically the daily life lessons I would get from my dad, he would tell me that there is nothing that can't be turned into a joke.  Death included.  "If I died at least you all would get all the money I left behind!"  I hated hearing my dad say this.  I didn't feel like everything should turn into a joke, but I guess I never realized how much joking about everything in my life actually affected me. I never made a big deal out of anything.  If I would cry, even for valid reasons, I would tell myself that at least now I finally have some color on my face, and that I look better. Without realizing it, I too would turn any tragic situation in my life as something that I can joke about. "If you can't laugh at yourself, it will only hurt you more." My dad would always tell me this. 

And now I get it.  That's what Cindy Lou Who was doing.  She was struggling to face life all alone now since neither her friends nor family wanted anything to do with her.  They were embarrassed to be seen with the woman who married the Grinch.  Even though it has been years since then, and the Grinch was no longer around. The Grinch's accidental death of falling off a cliff caused Cindy to go to prison since the judge was convinced she was the one who pushed him off, even though in reality, he was the one who was about to hit her. She lost everything that day.  She lost her freedom and her daughter.  Her family disowned her way before this event, they disowned her the day she decided to marry the Grinch. So Cindy had nothing left, so when she came out of prison even her daughter didn't want to keep in touch with her. The only thing she could do was to tell her life experience and story in the most humorous way possible, because if she didn't she would have to focus on all her hurt all over again.  So to play it off like it no longer bothers her was her way of coping. 
Just like mine. 

Looking back at it now, I understand why I enjoyed the show as a whole so much.  I identified with her coping methods and how she still tried to find the positivity and fun through it all.  But the reality of her story was that she had nothing and no one in her life. So the Christmas party that she was hosting, and all the friends she was inviting was her way to try and surround herself with the people she loved.  Unfortunately, every single person she invited ended up calling and telling her they couldn't make it. 
Cindy knew they were just making up excuses, and that hurt her. So she would take another drink, or smoke another cigarette, and we would laugh because she played it off like it didn't bother her.  But it did. 

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