Q: What should I wear to the theater? Spring Edition.

It's finally the best season of all - SPRING TIME!
Obviously the best, I mean who wants to be freezing in the winter, burning up in the summer, or confused in the fall? I have the answer to that: NO ONE!

It's probably the best season weather and fashion wise! You don't have to wear a jacket if you don't want to, which enables you to show off your slayFUL* outfit. Yes, I just made that up. *slayful =  no one can compare, even if they tried! 

The theatre is probably one of the best and most exciting outings to get dressed up for. So, let's get into some theatre spring fashion looks. 

Ladies first, of course...

Ladies! While getting dressed throughout this season remember these three words, "easy, simple, and fun/flirtatious." Don't be afraid to take risks and get out your comfort zone. 

God knows a thigh high boot and short dress is the way to go in spring. It'll have ladies and gentlemen double taking! Normally any hair style goes with this look but if you want to slay even more than usual then go for a beachy, wavy, Beyoncé-"Drunk In Love" hair look. There's nothing like a girl with beachy hair and a killer outfit!


This next look is for the girl who's going to the theatre in the evening. 

You could never go wrong with a shady hat, anytime of the day. It adds so much character and sass to an outfit. You could literally be wearing sweatpants but once you add an appropriate (borderline obnoxious) hat, your ensemble can go from 0 to 100 real quick! 

With this look, you could probably find a date at the theatre without a problem and go straight to dinner after!

Now this next look is for my girls who love to chill.

You don't want to do too much. You just want to be comfortable, and could care less about anyone giving a damn about your outfit. 

Even though you might not care about fashion at all, you could still fake it 'till you make it with this look. This look is giving people "I love fashion but I am taking the day off today." 

Now onto my fellas!

Spring should be the easiest time for you to get ready. No need for a coat, layering, or overthinking what you need to wear. 

There's nothing like wearing a pair of fitted slacks. Spend the extra change and get your slacks tailored gentlemen! It adds so much to your outfit and personality, period! It shows that you're not only into fashion but you're professional and you could trick people into believing that you have other areas in your life under control, when the real gag is your life is falling apart. 

Now for a more calm outfit...

Not everyone is into slacks. This look right here is for the man who lives off of the color black! Just because you wear all black all the time doesn't mean that you're wearing the same clothes everyday. Add a hat to your outfit or a pin on your shirt and give your look some character. Trust me you'll go from unnoticed to "WHO IS THAT?!" in no time!


Tampered jeans are a way to instantly add more edge to your outfit. Throw on a distressed pair of jeans and you literally can go from "the boy next door" to "the boy that I needs to have my contact information."

Now you're all ready and set to stomp these streets and be the real star at the theatre!

What will you be wearing to the theater?

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