POST: 'War Paint' - I want to be just like these two women

What's it about?

War Paint tells the story of Helen Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden two strong female figures who set the bar high for the beauty industry in the early 20th century.

What I experienced?

Growing up for me consisted of all things cute, girly, and beautiful. This, of course, means that I love make up. If you know me you know I don't wear it a lot but I definitely know all there is to know about it. That is why when I got the chance to watch War Paint, I knew it would be epic! 

Let me tell you though, this was a crazy experience. For one, the line to get into the theater was so long that people were lined up around the corner and this has NEVER happened to me before for a show! This only made me think it had to be amazing or else why would there be so many people??

I was going to my seat and then I saw the souvenir stand and they had a BLUSH BRUSH!!!!! I wanted it SOOOOO BAD but I resisted... as the adult I should be, haha.

The show let me see into the lives of Elizabeth Arden and Helen Rubinstein, two legends and how they were basically enemies!! Elizabeth Arden believed her packaging was everything and then Helen Rubinstein believed science was the key to success.

I was mind blown! These two ideas are basically the base for all that is beauty today. I felt like I was taken back into the past to learn about the origins of these companies, and I loved it!! There was a little drama and a bucket full of SASSINESS!!! but the most important part was that it was truly inspirational these women risked everything for their companies. And it was amazing, because they made it. Like, for example, this was during the time where women were not seen as strong as men. So, they made make up for strong women and called it their war paint to use against a man-run world because they could do anything a man could!! Yup, we are equal. 

I want to be just like these two women: strong, motivated, and following my dreams. I left wanting to learn more about them and will be doing a lot of research now!! 

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