POST: 'Wakey, Wakey' - it's okay to just live, laugh and do the best you can

What's it about?

Wakey, Wakey follows an unnamed protagonist as he riffs with the audience on life, expectations, memories, and anything and everything under the sun.

What I experienced?

I’m just going to jump straight into it: to me, this show did not make sense a lot of the time. More than any other show I've been to... I struggled to connect the dots, to establish a sequence of events, or to figure out where the show was heading.

I felt a sense of pity throughout a lot of the show. I saw this character on stage, and it almost looked like he had stage fright at times. It’s so weird because, at that level of professional theatre, I kind of just assume that stage fright, nerves and that kind of awkwardness won’t be present.

But then, at other times, it was like I was his friend and he was talking to me like we were sitting alone in his home. At one point they showed a YouTube video. In the middle of a performance! Now that’s something that I hadn’t seen before. I liked having those interludes between dialogue. Sometimes, it was a nice distraction that helped me refresh my brain. I had to do a lot of careful watching and deep thinking throughout this show. So those moments of reprieve were doubly welcome as a way toallow my mind to wander for 30 seconds.

The second character, named Lisa, I found to be representative of me, as a member of the audience. I felt much less confused when she entered the stage, almost like she was taking the responsibility of understanding the main character away from me. I remember a lot more detail from the second half of the show – the props on stage, some of the characters’ lines, etc. I was able to start viewing in a more passive manner, not having to scratch my head or wonder what the hell was going on as much as I did before.

I think this was a show about a man with Alzheimer’s... So little information is actually given to the audience. So most of what I’m writing here is guesswork, at best. During the entire show, I felt the scatterbrained lead character was causing me to be scatterbrained too. Most theatre, in my experience, tries to send a specific message. This show, however, had a kind of anti-message. What I mean, is that this show’s message, to me, was that it is okay to not know where everything is going. It’s okay to just live, laugh, and do the best you can with what you have.

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