POST: 'Trump Lear' - what could go wrong?

What's it about? 

Trump Lear is a one man show poking fun at Donald Trump and his resemblance to Shakespeare's King Lear -- a crazy man who runs a country, almost like a crazy king. What could go wrong? 

What I experienced?

In the midst of all that's going on with our beloved country right now, I'm glad to say that not only was I able to laugh in such harsh climate, but I was able to do it in one of my favorite venues, Under St. Marks. *WARNING* If you don't want to listen to me reminisce for the next couple of sentences, I suggest you jump over the next paragraph.

I remember when I first arrived to Under St. Marks to see Dandy Darklys Mythmouth! last year, when I first started writing for PXP. I was not into the whole deal... the smell, the cramped space. But now, I'm glad there's such a secluded space right in the middle of Manhattan. 

Trump Lear is pretty much exactly as it sounds. A one man show performed by David Carl, a real life comedian (because everything is fake news now-a-days) who makes it big by impersonating Donald Trump. When Trump finds out, he invites him to the White House to put on a show just for him. Plot twist? It's life or death for our comedian when Trump is left to decide if he enjoyed the show or not. 

I honestly enjoy anything that helps poke light at serious subjects. I think I can speak for all when I say anything pertaining to current events right now can be stressful, so to witness something that lightens the mood is something worth watching for a bit. When I walked back outside into the broad daylight, reality had kinda set back in a bit. Like, as stupid as this sounds, I didn't really take in, during the show, the fact that (even though the title of the play is Trump Lear), there was so much ACTUAL RESEMBLANCE between Donald Trump and Shakespeare's King Lear. Lear, the tyrannical mad leader. Now don't get me wrong, I'm no Shakespearean expert... but, it doesn't take much to point out some similarities between Mr. Lear & Mr. Trump. Does this make anyone feel comfortable? Cause I definitely don't. 

Want to see it?

What did you experience?

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