POST: 'Too Heavy for Your Pocket' - *SHIT* yes, I said that out loud lmao

What it's about.

Household Drama. Sally Mae and Tony are in a relationship that parallel Bowzie and Evelyn but they both have different highs and hardships. Bowzie wants to go fight for freedom, and in this quest a lot unravels in the relationships and friendships of this cozy home. 

My experience.

I sat on the infamous red steps taking in breaths of all the lights and noise, I appreciated this city as a tourist with fresh eyes. Too Heavy For Your Pocket is at the same theatre I performed at 2 years ago. Here I was in NYC, I could've been born anywhere else... ahh, I walked into the theatre with such a light spirit.

There was grass all over the floor, even in the audience. We were in Nashville, 1961. Sally-Mae was strutting her graduation gown as Bowzie walks in and compliments her. Honestly, I thought they were bf/gf. Turns out they're good friends with separate spouses but really one big family. But even though it never came into fruition, because of how good a person Sally Mae was, I think there really was something there. I mean she sewed him a suit, made him a cake, Bowzie wrote to her instead of his wife while in jail.... I mean come on. This was so beautifully done. Because I never saw it come to fruition, I started thinking I was crazy or maybe it was there and just added an extra layer of integrity to Sally-Mae's character.

Oh mannnn, Sally-Mae is ME. Good and bad.... Evelyn said "you too nice and these boys will be out here running the streets." Damn that hit home. Sometimes you really do get punished for being too good. Funny thing is Evelyn herself proved her right 🤔

But Sally Mae had me hooked; she was every nice strong woman who has ever been cheated on. Got Tony saying "I cut the foolishness for you. Stopped gambling and messing with that gal." To her snappy and REAL response, "I ain't have no foolishness to cut." *SHIT* yes, I said that out loud lmao. How many times we gotta applaud a fish for swimming or give out chances for people trying to be A DECENT HUMAN BEING when we been nothing but good the whole time. 👏🏽

So Tony wanna drop out of school to go out on a freedom ride, having everyone scared of a morgue call, but he really is growing up to be his own thing. Facing his own rain, as Sally says. Flowers don't grow on sunshine alone, they need a little rain. His decision to leave leaves everyone's true colors to pour out. I guess the rain brings rainbows and rainbows bring colors, right? I don't even wanna say much about the play because I'd really rather you watch.

Damn this play hit right in the feels. Writing this... my ex randomly hits me up, out of our 2 months not talking. This play gave me the courage to not respond. This play made me think. About life. About relationships. Myself. I genuinely thank this play for all its authenticity and black excellence. 🙏🏽

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