POST: 'Today is My Birthday' - an uptight phony New Yorker

What it's about.

Who knew phone calls could be so interesting? Emily moves from the meta-island of NYC to the literal island of Hawaii, but she doesn't seem to be enjoying the Island life anymore. 

My experience.

I was really scared when the producer of the show said that phone conversations where a “big” part of the play. Except he left out the fact that it’s the ENTIRE play. So, this show isn’t playing around when they tell you to shut off your phone.

Ok, so. There is this almost 30 year old chick named Emily who has moved back home to Hawaii from NYC ✌️. While she’s back home with her Columbia degree (that she mentions more times than she needed to) she’s expecting to snatch a job ASAP. But no, no, no, sweetie - that little Columbia degree means pretty much nothing to the humble Hawaii journalism world. I have to admit that I found myself rolling my eyes at Emily throughout a lot of the play. She’s basically what I, and hopefully most city people, would be embarrassed to be seen as - an uptight phony New Yorker. She’s definitely gonna have to get use to a little struggle.

I’ve lived here all my life, and as amazing as living in NYC is, I make sure not to forget that I am on the same planet as everyone else. Emily on the other hand lives in the city for 4 years and expects to go back to Hawaii and for people to be grateful she is coming back home.


Yeah, okay... Emily. Moving on to her parents - aka 1 out of 2 of her redeeming qualities. They are the SWEETEST BABY ANGLES (yes angles) on the planet earth. If this is how Hawaiian parents are, god freakin’ bless. Her mother was one sassy lady. I mean I didn’t even know people mailed each other stuff anymore, but Emily’s mum mailed her articles she should read on how to find a man! I still don’t know if I was laughing or crying cause that was a little too real for me…


Her dad or just in general the man (Ron Domingo) who played her dad - he was amazeballs. He played the Ukulele and I about lost it. Insanely cool. Also how did I almost forget?!? Her best friend Hamila. If the world ever fu*ks up and I have children I would be Hamila (Nadine Malouf) as a parent. Her crazy ass story should have its own play - that’s all I am going to say, trust it’s worth going just for her and her ten other characters.

Again! How can I forget?

source (1).gif

There is an actual booth at the corner of the room where the play takes place where a real live human being (Palmer Hefferan) creates sounds with her own voice or objects that fill in for things that aren’t actually on stage. I suck at explaining, but I swear it’s so cool. Ever heard a grown women produce the exact same sound a crying toddler makes during a tantrum? Look no further Palmer gotchu.

I think in a lot of ways I thought that the whole talking on a cellphone would be super outdated, but then I realized that when it comes to communicating with older people in my family that is still the number one choice. In a world of text and instant messaging apps and all that - it was pretty refreshing to get a little throwback to not too long ago.

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