Q: To research or not to research before a show...

Surprise is something I enjoy.

When it comes to theatre, I like to sit there and take it all in. Usually, the most research I do before a show is read the description, in order to know if it's some thing I'd like to see.  I mean, I don't even like watching movie trailers. I like teasers and descriptions, because those build anticipation, those get my mind racing with predictions and theories. 

Most of the time, I barely even look at the playbill... cause then I get to be like "HOLY SHIT THAT'S BLAH BLAH BLAH!" I kill for moments like that. In those moments, I'm gone from the real world. I'm sucked into the world on stage. There is no other drug more powerful than that theatrical affect, for me. 

When it comes to original plays, I almost always go in there blind. 

However. The unknown + time is something that can drive a man insane. Some shows just need to be researched prior to viewing. 

Here is the thing, shows that have something to do with history or are based on a book, it's good to go in there with some sort of knowledge. You don't want everyone in the theatre to be like "OOOOHHHH, AHHHHH. HAHAHAHA! THAT'S EXACTLY HOW THEY SAID IT IN THE BOOKS," while you are confused. Because, you'll feel left out.

Let's say you are going to watch Hamilton, maybe read the book that inspired the show. I didn't do it because I am MAJOR hip hop head, and I had a good time. But, truthfully, the history, even after seeing the show, is still pretty fuzzy to me. 

Even with all that, though, research is still a bittersweet thing for me.

What do you do?

Research or no research?
Let PXP know in the comments below...