POST: 'This One's For The Girls' - girl strength throughout history

What it's about.

With only four cast members, This One’s For The Girls depicts the role of women over the past 100 years, told through popular female music. From women being viewed as sexual objects begging for a man’s attention, to independent divas with the power to hang up the phone - women learned to respect themselves as human beings, although most of society was hoping they wouldn’t. 

My Experience:

You know how Spider Man can sense from a mile away that Mary Jane is being mugged? I have a similar “spidey-sense” when it comes to being the youngest in a room. As a kid, I never got along with people my age, I’d much rather chat with an adult whilst feasting on cheese and a fancy cracker- so I became very aware and comfortable around the older generations. 


So as I push myself through the lobby, I had a feeling wrinkled eyes were following my every move. I decide to do a quick scan of my surroundings, and I realized my “spidey-sense” was once again fool proof - I was the youngest by 20 years easy. This didn’t make me uncomfortable by any means, most of them were dressed to the nines excitingly whispering each other; paying no notice that I was sporting Adidas and grooving to music on my beats. But to be quite frank, I was kind of disappointed at the lack of diversity in age. 

From what I had read about This One’s For The Girls it was a story to empower women and celebrate their plight through injustice - what better show to bring millennials to! You know, to show them girl’s strength throughout history, give them a bit of a history lesson, and introduce them to music they’ve probably never experienced before. I understand wanting to see a show that directly relates to when you grew up and the music you listened to as a child, but it still would have been nice to see some kids or even young adults in the audience.

Once comfortable, I let the musical take me on a trip through American lady history. 


Not only did the show tackle how dependent women were on men in the past, it followed a personal narrative that related the music to her grandmother, mother, and herself. I was reminded of my weak behavior when it came to boys in my past. In high school, I let boys trample all over my emotions and yet I would still wait for them to call me, blaming myself for why they never liked me back. But just as the protagonist did, I realized there’s more to life than settling down with a man and pleasing him for the rest of your life. Women are just as capable, if not more, to succeed in all aspects of life. 

Learning about how women come together and fight a system that was created to ensure they’d be the ‘weaker sex’ always gets me so pumped up. It’s also kind of scary to think about only 100 years ago, women didn’t have the right to do just about anything. They were looked at as objects of fertility - but ever since the beginning, ladies have never accepted this male superiority reality, and wanted more: to be educated, to be able to wear pants, to do work other than house chores. 


Of course, there is still are multiple improvements to go until women and men are looked at as equal - which is why I think it’s extremely poignant to bring millennials to shows like this. We’re the new generation, we’re the ones going to strive for change, who are going to make a change in this inherently unjust point of view. We need to learn about these flaws in our past in order to ensure a future where women don’t slide back into their old role, the one where men aren’t threatened by our sheer brilliance and capability. 

Women are bad-ass and this show just further justifies that in my mind. But really, if I can give any advice to anyone- educate yourself with lady history from all different backgrounds and cultures before they take over the world and you’re still stuck in the past. 


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