POST: 'This Alien Nation' - what this country is made of

What's it about? 

This Alien Nation is a show that gives individuals from all walks of life and cultures a chance to tell their story. Non-scripted and 100% real, six multi-cultural individuals from countries all across the world come together on stage to remind us what this country is made of.

What I experienced?

What's up y'all ? It's your boy Kory back with another semi-political post, that nobody can get enough of! But on a serious note guys, I can tell you that this one I thoroughly enjoyed (except the 12 dollar food minimum for just watching the show). With recent political events happening (here's looking at you Trump w/ DACA.), it's good to get a reminder of what this country is really made of. 

Just so we're all clear, we are a country of this:

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So as I said previously, it's good to get a reminder of what this country is really made of. For an hour and some change I listened to six, very intelligent, very amazing people speak about their experiences with immigration and how they all contribute to this country we call home. Matt Huynh, Tanwi Nandini, Dina Nayeri, Francoise Mouly, Julio Torres, and Viet Thanh Nguyen - ALL amazingly talented artists - spoke about their journeys. And I tell you, it really does make me feel good to know there are people who understand the struggle of being a minority, but persevere and become something in life because they know it's what they're born to do. All of these amazing guests were either writers, professors, artists, or comedians that I just wish they could stretch their voices to those who either run the country, or are holding those different than them back. 

I know every minority and immigrant has their struggles, but when you hear them be open about it, that is when the conversation really starts. Sitting for an hour and listening to people talk about their struggles over some food and nice drinks, it really humbled me, a bit, and put my life into prospective. It reminded me that people of all different walks of life are what make up this nation. From birth, we've been a nation of immigrants and in today's day and age it seems like people have forgot that. Just because I look different than you, does not mean, in any way shape or form, I may be a harm to you or your lifestyle. Fear of those who look different than yourself, is a plague that has destroyed this country for too long. This Alien Nation opened my eyes to struggles I thought I was aware of, and introduced me to stories I will never forget.

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