POST: 'The View Upstairs' - I left praying for those who are closed-minded

What's it about?

A young man buys a retro spaced bar and finds a family in the staff, but also comes to the realization that the LGBT community is safe in that space, but not in the outer world. 

What I experienced?

This day was a cold cold day, and I just wanted to be somewhere other than Soho. Though you may not care, for some odd reason, whenever I am in Soho (rarely) and have somewhere to be, I either get there late because I got lost, or I never get there because I never find the place. So, this show in Soho was already a no-go. But, anyways I digress, let’s get to the show.

First off, the stage was so immaculate and captivating! The lights were like a bright pinkish red, with lit circular lanterns, vintage looking chairs around tables, and a beautifully decorated piano with the faces of disco stars on them. The place had a retro psychedelic feel to it that was giving me that early 70's feeling. The ceiling was even dressed up in lights and colorful decorations that made me want to go up to the stage and spin in circles.

Ever seen the documentary Paris is Burning? If you are into the vogue-ing scene and/or interested in the wonderfully cultured LGBT world, then watching that documentary will satisfy you. But imagine going to see this beautiful culture live? The View Upstairs showed me the freedom, pain, and humor that is a part of the gay scene. It took me into Wes’ new bought club that was, in a sense, a home for him and those who were there before he came. The show for me was quite emotional because of how close the crew was, taking Wes in with them, and having a good time despite being ostracized by the world. At this time (and sadly still today, though things are a bit more open), being gay was not a fully accepted thing, and often resulted in danger. This story showed this heartbreaking truth, as there was an attack on the bar/club that tore at my heartstrings. After laughing and enjoying the musical scores, this one terrible event truly broke me and made me feel for those who were victims of hate crimes.

I left the theatre so grateful to be in the presence of this beautiful LGBT culture, and I actually prayed that those who are closed-minded will open up their hearts to human beings who are not harming people just because of who they are.

If people only knew where the trendiest things of this generation came from, they would have more respect for the gay community! It is all over Instagram, Youtube, and all the media (makeup, clothing, slang, etc.). Though this show was in Soho and those nights don’t usually end well for me, this night was splendid. 

Want to see it?

Sorry, this show is not currently showing :(

What did you experience?

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