POST: 'The Skin of Our Teeth' - one crazy rollercoaster

What's it about?

After Adam and Eve, there was the family the Antrobus and they are welcoming the audience into their imperfect lifestyle.

What I experienced?

Seat = B- 110. I love to be in the front of the stage. Something about being so close to things makes me feel like I'm part of the performance. So, I was looking forward to watch this show. Another performance that I get to be part of.  

Boyyyy was I wrong!  Right when I got the playbill, I was sent upstairs... which I found strange because B-110 has to mean that I'm in the front. Well in this case, I was all the way in the back.... the last row. I think the real reason why I like to be in the front is because I need glasses and I have been avoiding getting a pair for at least two years... A pair of glasses would be lovely right about now.  

The Skin of Our Teeth... I have no clue what this is going to be about. I didn't even bother to google anything because I want to be surprised, I just hope that doesn't back fire. I don’t think the word surprise is good enough to what I witnessed while watching this play.  I was dazzled!  

I don’t know where to start... this is how crazy this show was! But crazy in a good way. Sabina!! I'll start talking about Sabina. It is not often you see characters talking directly to the audience. Well, in the plays I have seen, it has been very rare. Sabina is not only the maid of the Antrobus family, but her main specialty is inviting the audience to be part of the show. It made me feel like I was in their living room. I remember she said "I have no idea what this play is about, so just relax and wait till the end" - this brought me to tears because, trust me when I say, I honestly didn’t know what in the world was the meaning of this play.  

One thing, for sure, I understood about this play was the biblical references. It all started when Mr. Antrobus and Mrs. Antrobus were introduced. They both had three kids, but one died. Now this is where I got the first bible reference, one of the kids was killed by his own brother. The son that died, his name was Abel, and his brother that killed him was non other than CAIN!! This show was taking me back to Sunday bible study.

I don’t know if I was too tired or just blind because I was all the way in the back but I didn’t see any clear outline to this play. Which leads to another bible reverence, this one looks at Noah and the arc, which Mr. Antrobus family and two kinds of animals get on. The third and final bible reference is Mr. Antrobus and his son Cain at war. This took me a while to realize.... and I suddenly got it. Mr. Antrobus was throwing Cain out of his home because he was disobeying his commands and Cain wanted to be the leader of the house. Which brings me to when, in the bible, God throws Lucifer (his angel) out of heaven. Watching all of this unfold right in front of me was refreshing, it's not often you see a lot of references to the bible on a stage. 

I was all over the place while watching this play and I'm still over the place while writing about it. But I'm actually happy, in a weird way I am. Not knowing what was going on wasn’t so bad in this case, because I was entertained beyond words. This is one crazy roller-coaster I wouldn’t mind taking again.  

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