POST: 'The Profane' - modern and Americanized or traditional and religious

What's it about?

This is a tale about two immigrant families that have taken a different route in coming to America, in terms of lifestyle, practice, and beliefs. When the two families are forced to converge through love, they must confront who they are as people and what it is they really believe in.

What I experienced?

The play portrays two directions an immigrant family can take when coming to America. Either a family can be modern and Americanized, or traditional and religious.

This show hit me hard. I found myself watching this show like each family was different parts of myself. On the one side of me, I want to disassociate from being a Muslim and even disassociate from being an immigrant. While the other, I want to hold on to what makes me different.

The juxtaposition of the contrasting families to the young couple in love, and the fact that despite it all there is a sliver of possibility --- that maybe, just maybe, one can find harmony between the two different lifestyles --- that resonated with me.

My mom loved gold and as a child I had always been adorned with it. As a baby I would wear little gold hoops, a little gold bracelet and a little gold anklet. Growing up basically my whole life wearing gold, watching Bollywood movies, wearing cultural dresses, being immersed in my heritage.  

When I went to middle school everything changed. I stopped wearing gold, I stopped watching Bollywood movies, I stopped dressing up and I stopped being proud of my heritage. I found myself hating who I was, thinking it was embarrassing when I would come to school with henna because the day before was EID.

I find that representation matters more than anything. Growing up, I found nothing on mainstream media that told me that who I am, a first generation Muslim American, was good or even acceptable. And of course, as time went on things went to shit and I quickly realized that I would never be represented how I had always dreamed to be.

However, if the specific representation you are searching for doesn’t exist, then become that person.

Thinking now, my younger years contrasted to now, a time where my family’s very being is a source of hatred from a lot of people. This has made loving who I am and where I come from so much easier. Now I wear the gold my mom had always saved up for me, now I wear saris, and now I wear henna on a Tuesday just because I think it’s beautiful.

One day I will find the harmony that is showcased so effortlessly in this play. It is just going to take a lot of trial and error and a lot of work but one day it will happen.

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