POST: 'The Portuguese Kid' - the answer is right in front of you

What it's about.

The Portuguese Kid is centered around a man that has a different outlook on love, and blames it on an incident that happened when he was 10 years old.

My experience.

I must say I had the best seat because I was in the second row closest to the stage. The main character Barry (which is my surname), I recognized as Jason Alexander as soon as he stepped on stage because of Seinfeld. Though I was not old enough to watch the show at its prime, I have caught up on the reruns and I must say it is funny. That is what I expected from Barry, comedy and that is what I got. Barry has always had trouble finding the right one to like his unique personality and behavior. Therefore he found himself with women that eventually break his heart. 

His childhood friend Atalanta (it's Greek) is a women that is feisty and not afraid to tell you like it is. But her personality is what always annoyed Barry. However, that is what he needed for his own good and Atalanta knew that. Barry has failed to realize that the only women who has stood by his side since childhood is his true love. Now in my opinion, friends of the opposite sex cannot remain friends without at some point feelings emerging for one another. That is exactly what happened, to Barry and Atalanta. Atalanta realized the love she has for Barry when she continued to scream Barry's name whenever she became intimate with her husband... she failed to disclose that to Barry until her husband died. 

Barry took the shocking revelation as a joke because he was happily married to his wife (young enough to be his daughter), Patti. But that happily part was not what it seemed to be because behind closed doors Patti depended on older men to find her identity in this world. I don't think huge age gaps (25+ years) between two people signify love because what can you find in a person that is old enough to be your own parent. But low and behold Atalanta had her own boy toy too named Freddie, who happened to be Patti's ex boyfriend. I felt as though Barry and Atalanta were filling a void they had for one another, with life size kids. 

At times its hard to recognize the answer that is standing right in front of you. You must experience hurdles in order to get to that answer. Barry and Atalanta went through heart break after heart break to find one another, and true love. 

See it.

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