POST: 'The Play That Goes Wrong' - a hot funny mess

What's it about? 

A murder mystery that is the total opposite of what a play should be! It's a play full of mini-mistakes that soon become disasters. It's the total opposite of what a Broadway play should be. LOL.

My experience.

These last couple of months have been rough and just exhausting. I was literally living under a stack of books so that I could get through midterms and finals. So imagine how relived I felt to go see a play and a comedy. It was like an imaginary hand reached out and grabbed me up from the stack of books and brought me to the theatre.

I expected the play to be funny, but sly funny like other plays I've seen. Sly funny in my dictionary means the type of play that is serious for the most part with hints of funny that you catch here and there. THIS PLAY WAS NOTHING LIKE THAT! It was just a hot funny mess with actors that love attention and dead people that can't stay dead. 

The play begins with the actors trying to figure out who committed a murder, and when the lights hit the "corpse," the man who is supposed to be dead, it is out of place. It was that kind of cheesy comedy, but I loved it. His face was just hilarious when he realized he was supposed to be dead and he was not in place before the light guy hit the lights. The dead man continued to be one of the funniest things about the play as he just didn't know how to be dead.

The poor guy got stepped on a couple times by the other actors and he not-so-slyly kept flinching and moving his hand every time someone passed by him. He also happened to be too heavy for his brother, the butler, to pick him up. At that point, I think I had shed a few tears from laughing so hard. There was a moment of silence when the actors looked at the audience and the audience looked back like that did not just happen. And after that second of awkwardness the theatre erupted in laughter. I may or may not have been the first one to start laughing. 

The ongoing conflict between the woman, who was actually supposed to play the dead man's fiancée, and her understudy was hilarious. First they just couldn't stop being hit by a door and being knocked unconscious. The first actress got knocked unconscious and I was just like, well damn! Her understudy got knocked unconscious and I was like not again, now who's going to play Annie? And they literally chose the sound guy!

The funny part is Trevor (the light guy) got pulled into kissing the other actor (the dead man's brother) and let me tell you...HE WASN'T READY!  I honestly didn't think they would really... but the dead man's brother is played by an actor that loves attention and he kissed Trevor because we, the crowd, were just waiting for it! After that kiss, and the two unconscious leads, I realized this was really a play that goes wrong. 

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