POST: 'The Parisian Woman' - Chloe is such a badass

What it’s about.

Set in present day Washington D.C., The Parisian Woman revolves around Chloe, the wife of a successful tax broker, Tom, who is now in the running to hold a position in the Trump Administration. Chloe orchestrates a plan to assure that Tom gets the job. 

My experience. 

As I make my way to the Hudson Theatre, the song playing on my iPhone is “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy. Coincidentally, the show I was about to see, The Parisian Woman, stars the legend herself, Uma Thurman. 

As I take my seat in the theater, my jaw drops seeing the set. It is so beautiful. I look inside the Playbill to find some info on the play, because aside from the commercial for it on TV, which is extremely vague, I had no idea what it was going to be about. 

Finally when the show does start, a man who appears to be Chloe’s (played by Uma Thurman) husband goes inside a house. He is concerned about Chloe’s whereabouts and suspects that she is cheating on him. He demands to see her phone and know who she is texting. Right off the bat, I couldn’t help but think… man this guys super clingy, like bro, give her space. And that’s not all, he even asks Chloe for her passcode. Like what?!? 

What’s hilarious is that while this is going on, Chloe’s actual husband, Tom arrives. When he does, Peter (the clingy, British one) stops talking. 

In the first section, I learned that Tom is a successful tax broker, now in the running for a position at the White House. Peter is a wealthy British man, whose good friends with President T-R-U-M-P (I cringed just typing that letter sequence...). However, the problem is, Peter is jealous of Tom because he’s married to Chloe, yet at the same time, he adores Chloe, so… will he help Tom get the job?

No. Peter is a scumbag. But Chloe doesn’t need his help, she is capable of doing things herself. Chloe is such a badass. She is an outsider. In a world of conservative Republicans, she appears to be the only liberal we meet. 

OKAY, I HAVE TO SPILL THE TEA… Chloe invites Jeanette, a conservative socialite to have some coffee. Mind you, Jeanette just recently got a position in the Trump Administration. Knowing this, Chloe tries to persuade Jeanette to talk to Trump about considering Tom for the job. After all, it doesn’t take much to convince the President, according to Chloe, as he only listens to the last person he speaks to. 

What I appreciated about this show were the constant nudges, some subtle, and other not so subtle at Trump. I was so for it. 

Anyways, when that method doesn’t work, Chloe resorts to the hard way. Essentially, she threatens to blackmail Jeanette by leaking photos and emails of her daughter, Rebecca. You see, Rebecca and Chloe have had an affair for about a year now. I WAS SO SHOOK WHEN THIS TEA WAS SPILLED. However, not nearly as shook as Jeanette. 

Poor Jeanette, for the first time in the play, the woman who seemed to not be shaken up by anything, was speechless. Jeanette finally asks Chloe in a rhetorical question, "how could I not have known?!?" To which Chloe replies, “Well, I guess some women have a better sense of smell than others.” Jeanette said those exact same words to Chloe in an earlier scene, so when Chloe said them, it was like:

Fast forward, Tommy boy gets the job! All thanks to Chloe. YOU GO GIRL!

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