POST: 'The Lion King' - so emotional for me

What's it about?

It tells the story of an evil brother that kills his brother for a throne, and leaves his nephew confused and in search for his true identity. 

What I experienced?

Honestly, before the show I wasn't really familiar with the cartoon because I have never seen it from start to end (don't judge me). I just knew the story through people who had seen the cartoon and spoke about it.

I really didn't expect for these actors to completely transform into these animals through their costumes and their extremely cool props. It was like the props became a part of those actors. Seeing the cheetah walk across the stage a couple of times, along with the giraffe, was beautiful. Yes beautiful! The actor controlling the cheetah puppet found a way to move like a cheetah. The giraffe, caught my attention also, because for half the show I was wondering "how the hell did they do that?!" I felt like a little kid that is seeing something new. I looked with amazement and only at the end did I realize the giraffe was an actor walking on stilts. First of all, I would like to give that actor a round of applause because I would have surely fallen. Second, I just sat there thinking about all the practice that it probably took in order to completely change into these characters.

The music was amazing. I loved the fact that I could feel African culture seeping through every single song.  My favorite song was "Shadowland" which took place when Nala was about to leave after Scar tried to make her his wife. That song was so emotional for me. It just told a story of remembering who you are no matter what path or what journey you take in life. It's about remembering your family, and everything that makes you - YOU. Nala's leaving gave me a flashback of when Simba ran away and that just put me through a whole new emotional spiral. It was just so sad and gut-wrenching, to see them both run away from the place they both knew as home because of one evil guy. 

Thank God Zazu was there to cheer me up during the times that I felt sad during the play. Zazu was like the best friend that always finds something funny in every bad situation. After Scar became ruler, there was a scene when he asked Zazu to sing him a song. Guess what song this bird sang? He sang "Let It Go", and I busted out laughing. I just couldn't hold it in!

In the end, LONG LIVE KING SIMBA!!! As you can probably tell, I loved The Lion King! This show was just so beautiful and so funny, that I would actually spend a good 500 dollars so that the rest of my family could go watch it. I wish.

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