POST: 'The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical' - he is a semi-god

What's it about?

A young man, who is a misfit and gets kicked out of every high school he goes to. Later, he finds out is because he is half-god half-human... a half blood. Go figure! 

What I experienced?

I smell like shoes and rejection, I don’t know what I was thinking going to work before a show. Retail is no joke. And today was not my day, customers were not buying any of the shoes I was bringing them. The only thing that was keeping me in a positive mood was the fact that I was actually going to see The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical. The only problem was that my positive attitude could not hide how badly I smelled like shoes.  

Walking to the show, there were so many young people waiting to get in. This is happening! I wish I had a penny for the number of shows I've seen where the audience was 98.9% elderly people. I'd be rich by now. So to actually see young people, my age, at a show - was a breath of fresh air! No offense to the elderly people of New York, no hard feelings, I swear it’s nothing personal.  

I has just watched the film Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, the other night. I enjoyed every second of it, even though my knowledge of Greek mythology is lacking. The one thing the film did not have was singing... oh, how much singing I witness in this show. I know it's a musical but there were so many songs. I felt like I was on a Pandora station just flipping to the next song. I will say, the song "The Day I Got Expelled" was really catchy. That song is basically Percy telling his side of the story, how he misbehaved at a school outing and was expelled. I once got suspended from school for taking out my cellphone in class. YUP, I know right, such a dumb thing to get suspended for. Ok ok ok my teacher told me to put it away twice and I didn’t listen... In other news, watching Percy sing that song had me reflecting on my rebellious moment in middle school.  

Now that Percy doesn’t have school, his mother decides to tell him the truth about who he really is and why he can't fit in with other kids. *Drumroll please* He is a semi-God. In my society you would just be called weird, but let's go with the semi-God thing. Thankfully, there is a camp where half-bloods (semi-Gods) gather to stay safe from the world. Also, at this camp these kids are assigned tasks by their god-parents. Soooo, of course, this leads to Percy getting his assignment which is to find who stole Zeus' lighting.  

The journey to finding the lighting is pretty brutal for Percy, I mean, nothing really goes his way. But that doesn’t stop him from finding the person who stole the lightning. His perseverance really got me in a good mood! I felt like I could accomplish anything I put my mind too. Tomorrow, those shoes are going to sell fast. 

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