POST: 'The Last Match' - I focused way too much on Wilson Bethel

What it's about

Enemies Tim Porter and Sergei Sergeyev play off against each other in the U.S. Open. Their thoughts are reflected in dialogue and we soon learn about their pasts and the struggles they endured to get to where they are.

My experience.

When I found out Wade Kines.... I mean Wilson Bethel was a part of the cast of The Last Match my jaw dropped. He's not very famous, but he's got a place in my list of celebrity crushes. He played Tim Porter, the 'old' American tennis player, who was playing against Sergei Sergeyev. I focused way too much on Bethel, more than anybody else, and I noticed so many mannerisms from when he was in Hart of Dixie... But I did try to put my daydreams aside to actually focus on the show itself.

I came to the show just 1 minute late, because of google maps. A few minutes later a woman had walked into the aisle with some high heels looking worried. I assumed she was late just like I was, but then she started yelling to the Sergei character and scared me. I took that to mean she was part of the cast. 

I came in expecting to see a show about tennis. I know very little about tennis or any sport in general. But it wasn't a show about tennis. It was about the players themselves - their struggles and their lives.

Tim Porter is considered old for the tennis world and wants to prove to everyone that he is just as good as he always was. But he is suffering from a back problem that makes him crumple to the floor. He doesn't want to get it fixed due to the fact that his wife Mallory, who was also a former famous tennis player, had knee surgery and never went back despite her efforts. He is consumed by the fame of being a national tennis star and fears giving it up, even though it strains his relationship with his wife who has suffered multiple miscarriages.

Being a woman I kinda related to Mallory. I want children and am terrified of the thought of miscarrying a child. We find out that a few years earlier, at 8 months pregnant Mallory's unborn baby was dead, but she had to go through labor anyways. When Tim describes the non-birth, I could feel the couple's pain. Mallory did go on to have a child, but the show mainly focuses on Mallory's miscarriages and the strain it has on the marriage, which surprised me.

I didn't think miscarriages could damage a marriage. I thought it was something that a couple accepts and moves on. But Tim and Mallory had fights about it. Mallory kept telling Tim that he has no idea how it feels to lose a child and that he cares more about his fame than her, which Tim always denies with anger. He states his career is how the two of them are supported and that it kills him to watch his wife suffer miscarriage after miscarriage and not be able to do anything to help her get through it. But he has to focus on his career for the sake of his legacy. He doesn't want his future children to pop up a YouTube video and see him lose and think of him as a failure. I knew that he was mostly talking about himself watching that YouTube video and having that constant reminder of the day he lost America's attention. The day he stopped being famous.

Fame is kinda a funny thing. When I was younger I thought famous people had it all - the money, the luxurious lifestyle, and stress-free work. I dreamed of being a famous singer so I could have it all. But as I grew up, I noticed that its more of a curse than a blessing. Yeah, you can get whatever you want most of the time, but you sacrifice so much to get it. If I wanna be that famous singer, which I kinda am rethinking about wanting, I'm gonna have to tour and be away from my family and friends. I'm probably gonna have to do things I don't feel comfortable doing because I signed a contract. In the end, I might end up like a puppet on strings.

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