POST: 'The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking' - like a classroom with alcohol, so, pretty much college

What's it about?

The Imbible is a show where you learn about drinking while you drink. Enough said.

What I experienced?

When I was trying to decide on a show I gave myself one stipulation, it had to be a feel good show. So, seeing as I recently turned 21, I decided to dive into the world of drunk theater. It took me about 2 seconds to stumble across Imbible, and with the words "musical" and "3 free cocktails" attached to it, I wasn't going to turn it down.

When I got to the theater, I was directed to this bar and told to sit in this certain seat and wait for the show. I just figured "oh they want us to hang out in here, pregame a bit, then we'll head into the theater and it will begin." But no. The bar was the stage, and I was already in my assigned seat. I then realized how much sense that makes, seeing how it would be near impossible to get free cocktails to everyone in regular theater seats... servers awkwardly shuffling through isles with trays of drinks in their hands. But I didn't dwell on it, because now all it meant was that my drinks were going to get to me quicker!

Quick side note, I went into this show with an empty stomach, not for any other reason besides the fact that I was really crunched on time. One thing that was not mentioned to me before the show, was that there was going to be free popcorn. Now when I got to my seat it wasn't long before one of the servers/actors brought me a nice little bowl of popcorn, and naturally I ate it all in about 2 seconds, because I have absolutely no pause button when it comes to popcorn. Immediately I regretted it. I didn't savor it because it was that really good movie theater popcorn, and then I was just sitting there picking at the little pieces still drifting around the bowl. Then, the server came by again and asked if I wanted more and me being the skeptical person I am, I said "how much for another bowl?" Now when I say that I completely abused my power the second she said "free and unlimited popcorn," you have to understand that it was an understatement. I was eating bowls in perfect timing so as each server passed they were already hooking me up with another bowl. If you want to guarantee I'll have a good time at a show, do what this one did and keep me on a steady supply of free popcorn.


Now, the show opened with a traditional Irish drinking song,  Beer, Beer, Beer. What is that you ask? (I know, I just provided a link but just humor me, I need this) Apparently everyone else asked the same thing, BECAUSE I WAS THE ONLY ONE SINGING ALONG. I mean they did change up the lyrics a little bit but it was still the same general song. I did one of those excited look arounds to see everyone's reaction as they started and NOBODY was into it. But I didn't let it get to me. I did the Irish in me proud and happily sang along, granted I was already stuffed with popcorn and had a few beers at this point.

Now this might sound like I'm bitching at this point, and maybe I am, but I got tricked into learning at this thing. I expected to go into this thing, get lit, and have some good songs sung to me. All of those things did happen, but I actually learned things. Like I had no idea how much alcohol was necessary for the development of humankind (and I won't bore you with the details because I'm not going to trick you into learning). I even learned how to make mead with nothing but cheerios and water, and even got to see alcohol distilled right in front of me. It was like an alcoholic Bill Nye episode.

Now, for the most important part of the show. The 3 free cocktails. The host of the show was also a professor and accomplished bartender, and was making the drinks right in front of us. The first one we had was an orange-something beer mixed into ginger ale in order to create a Shandy, and it was very refreshing. For such a simple mix, I was really feeling this drink. It fit in perfectly with the whole medieval mead subject we were on. Next up was supposed to be this thing that... I can't remember, but the bartender said he went off the books and made a Blackberry Creamsicle cocktail for us and oh my god did he nail it. Like picture that flavor and that's exactly how it tasted. I wanted 12 of them. Lastly, during the topic of Prohibition (yes, Prohibition, this show literally felt like a classroom with alcohol, so, pretty much college) he made gin and tonics for everyone. Now, I had never had a gin and tonic because I had only just turned 21 and had never drank before that (because I'm a child of God), so I didn't really know what to expect. BUT it easily became one of my favorite drinks. Like it's easy and gets the job done, and that's what I like in my drinks.

I don't really know how to end this thing. It started as a show discussion, then went into a popcorn rant, then a learning rant, and then just a drink review. It's like a beautiful train wreck. But yeah, go to some drunk theater, it's fun. You'll leave the place like this:

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