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What it's about.

 Christopher, widower, and his son, David, both fall in love with their house keeper, Margret. All three dream of escaping their past and the lodge they live and work in. Meanwhile Christopher’s cousin comes to visit to scientifically classify the village people, who are Irish, as inferior.

My experience.

Being judged for who you are, based on something so out of your control, is ridiculous.

Margaret and all the Irish people in the village were being judge for being Irish or not having all the Anglo-Saxon features. Stereotypes like this are common in many cultures. When deciding what’s ideal and what isn’t, most go by what’s common. The Doctor uses instruments to measure different parts of each person’s body. Based on the lengths and characteristics he’d make a blanket statement about the person and others with similar traits. Though not as severe, others would treat those without such traits like outcasts. When I was younger I was made fun of, for being Haitian. Watching this play was like watching a much harsher version of that. One of the other housekeepers gets completely evaluated based on stereotypes. I went through the same, where people thought just because I was Haitian I did voodoo or I was super poor. They made assumptions off false stereotypes. And just like Dr. Richard Gore, they were wrong. You can't judge or infer anything about a person's personality or traits based on their appearance.

Most people stay silent about issues like that and then allow the issue to continue. Margaret throughout the play stays silent in the moments she should speak most. The Dr. seemed to have a strong liking for her and maybe, if she spoke on the issue it would've done something. In many occasions, her just speaking would have saved a lot of time and confusion.  David, for instance, in the beginning of the play he proclaims his love for her and she reciprocates, but she says it too quietly and not as strong or loudly as he does. He takes it as a sign that she's only being nice. If she would have just spoken up a bit louder he wouldn't doubt her. And of course there's Christopher, he admits his feelings for her later on and instead of giving a straight answer she goes around the question and even plans on leaving. She seems too consumed by the idea of letting anyone down. If she would have just explained how she felt and that she loved David earlier it would have been a bit easier on Christopher. Not speaking up, to me, came across as being okay with the situation. 



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