POST: 'The Government Inspector' - my love letter to Michael Urie

What's it about?

A broke dude sees a loophole that leads to a crazy weekend in a tiny town in Imperial Russian. 

What I experienced?

My title for this: My love letter to Michael Urie. 

Dude, old chicks loooove my shoes. These puppies get more attention than I ever do:

Granted it’s usually the nyc fashion grandma’s that love it, but I’ll take it. I just had to mention it, because it startles me every time when someone taps my shoulder and says, “Oh, those shoes are fabulous!” - especially when it’s coming from someone as cool as a Iris Apfel look-a-like.

Putting aside the massive ego-boost these shoes give me, I realized I should have played someone else in the high school version of this play. Oh yeah, I should mention the fact that Gov. Inspector was the last show I participated in, from my senior year in high school. It's really intriguing how the same material can turn out to be such a different type of show. It also sucks how censored the high school version had to be.

I’m about 99% sure that I would have loved doing this show in high school a lot more if I had someone as good as Michael Urie as the inspector. No “shade” (but kind of...a little) to whoever played the inspector in my high school, but I don’t think anyone would be more fit to play that role as much as Michael. This is slowly turning into a love letter to Michael Urie… actually, yes, correction: this is now a full blown love letter to Mr. Urie and his curls.

Dear Michael,

Big fan, big fan… blah blah blah.

Why? Um... why are you and your hair so lush and perfect? Just why? Might be tmi, but honestly I think you wouldn’t even care since you’re likely not even reading this, but you made me laugh so hard I legit peed a little. Just wanted you to know, because a weird part of my brain tells me that for some odd reason you’d be flattered by that? I don’t know. If not... just forget that pee part.

Another thing you should know is the fact that you single handedly made me love something I hated doing in high school - yes, it was this play. I read for Marya, but I was given Zemlyanika (hospital director - why am I telling you? You know this). I am a chick and I am all for “gender doesn’t matter”, but I was (am?) not funny. Not like you or Stephen DeRosa for that matter. Like how am I supposed to…? Anyway.

Everything you did was:

Can we - the chair bit? I’ve never known that someone trying to sit down could be so funny! That wasn't a thing that existed in my head, but now it is. So, thank you. You just made a daily activity entertaining - granted I’m gonna look crazy laughing whist I sit down, but what else is new? This whole production was giving me heavy Tom & Jerry vibes and I fu*king loved. The running sequences! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

You climbing back and forth between the top and bottom stage. I mean the Russian spy though... Jesus, I am out of shape. You are physically, mentally, and everything-ly hilarious! You made my night and the day later.

YOU ARE A GOD, Michael Urie!  

- Christine

Now, that I have professed my love and embarrassed myself. I think it’s pretty clear that everyone who enjoys laughing to the point of slightly peeing yourself and wants to witness god himself perform (well, my god) you should see The Government Inspector.



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