POST: 'The Death of the Moon' - ... and just want to be happy

What's it about?

A prostitute stays up during the night in an alleyway, in solitude, going over the events of her life that have led her to sadness.

What I experienced?

I'm not a grumpy woman at all, but that could be concluded from the fact that I dislike most musicals, and one man/woman shows. This production combined both of these elements that I am not fond of, and for some reason, am never aware of until I go to see the show. Walking into the theatre was peculiar due to the narrow and white 3 flights of stairs before reaching the box office. The theatre was intimate, with a live band.

The main woman is a working prostitute who stays in an alleyway during the night, remembering all of the events in her life that contributed to who she currently is. She does not believe in love anymore, nor does she want it from anyone. She cares for no one but herself, rightfully so, because the only man that she loved fell in love with her best friend (she introduced him to her). He liked her also, but she "couldn't offer him what her best friend could offer." I was becoming uninterested, then that line made me sympathize for this woman. She is apart of the loveless lonely streets that do not recognize her.

At one moment she even states that she deserves credit for keeping marriages together, and that she would love to be recognized on Broadway. No matter which theatre show I go to see, I believe that it should leave me with a new outlook on something or just the feeling of inspiration. For this show, it made me remember that everyone has a story. Sure, society claims I should not agree with a working prostitute, but who are the people that keeps the services alive? A woman like her has her reasons for going into this kind of business - in this woman's case, it was to fill a void of sadness. All through the night into the morning, she sings under the moon, in solitude, desperate for some comfort through her own voice. She constantly says there is no God, and that her applause comes from the shadows. 

In the end, I understood the story and remembered that everyone is the star of their own movie, and just wants to be happy.