POST: 'The Conspiracists' - history's tendency to repeat

What's it about? 

Five people have a recurrent day where each instance is slightly shifted. 

What I experienced?

The first third of the show started off pretty normal. A support group in the basement of the church, with the people bickering about themselves. There appeared to be some subtle problems between two characters that I was curious about, but it was never fully revealed where the hostility stemmed from.

I started getting really excited when they started mentioning conspiracies. I had to hold back the whole time from screaming "YESSS EXACTLY!" I spent most of my time wondering if they were acting as themselves, because all I wanted to do was have an in depth conversation with them. I liked how they all had their own personalities and how they each had a different section of conspiracies that they chose to believe in. 

One character in the play mentioned something about people experiencing three different phases in your life and three different people who guide you to the next. The artist, the nomad and the hero. The awakening, the unraveling and the crisis. As he was saying it, I wanted to take out my pen and paper, so that I could remember it for later, but I thought I would look like a dork if I did that. Side note: is it socially acceptable to take out a pen and paper during a theater performance? 

But I really wanted to remember it, so when the lights blacked out, I quickly scribbled 1/3 of what I could remember. The rest was recovered through talking to people after the show and giving my number to a stranger who knew someone in the play. She even remembered to send me the response! Thanks stranger!

Then on my train ride back, I spent a whole hour reading about Strauss-Howe generational theory (what I believe the character was referencing) and once again I was screaming in my head. Fascinated and frustrated by history's tendency to repeat patterns. 

The rest of the show created a matrix effect or a loop like the Strauss-Howe generational theory. The same day kept reoccurring. It didn't take long for me to memorize the movements and the words of some of the characters. Which is why slightly different outcomes seemed even more significant to me. While some patterns are predictable, other patterns depend of other factors.

Want to see it?

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What did you experience?

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