POST: 'The Colored Museum' - my culture is not for sale

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You. Your culture. Your people. Are up on display for the whole world to see, observe, and talk about. The Colored Museum takes a look into Black culture in a world where everything African-American is up on display for the whole world to see. Museum style!

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Wassup y'all ? It's your boy Kory back with another political post. This one is something that I've actually been dying to talk about for a while. It's something that I've delved into a bit in my writing class, but I'm glad I get the chance to talk about it on a public forum like this. It's a touchy subject, so here's my warning before we start. But just know, it's something that deserves to be talked about. 

So as stated previously, The Colored Museum is a pretty different play that opens eyes to the world of culture and cultural appropriation. Like, I never really thought about how people see specific cultures, not even just black culture, through their own lenses. It's no secret that appropriation is a HUGE deal, and has been something that ,oddly enough, a lot of people have gotten away with for a long time. From Halloween costumes of Native Americans, to people donning hairstyles like braids and dreads without acknowledging its culture or respecting its background. It's something that needs to be stopped and I appreciate The Colored Museum because it's something that it hammered through to the whole audience. 

Like guys, literally imagine if your heritage was up on display for the whole world to see. Not only for people to look and take pictures, like you are some sort of scientific specimen, but discussed and CURATED by people who you're pretty sure know nothing about your culture. If that image ticks you off just thinking about it, then we're in the same boat here buddy.

Now if you're asking "What is cultural appropriation?" Cultural appropriation can be defined as taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, OR inappropriate use of customs related to ones culture by use of exploitation or amusement. Halloween costumes? They count. Having dreads and not being of Black, African, or West Indian descent? That counts. Henna tattoos, Japanese calligraphy, headscarves, dashiki's and sari's are all counts of cultural appropriation - IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT OR ACKNOWLEDGE THE CULTURE. You can be a part of these things and respect them, but only if you acknowledge and take the time to learn about their roots. The Colored Museum reminded me that my culture is not for sale, nor is it something to be dissected for amusement. I love who I am, love where I came from, and love the people around me for ALL of our differences. Remember that no matter where you come from, be proud of who you are and that your culture is NOT for sale.

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