POST: 'The Breeze In May' - did it all happen?

What's it about?

A drop out from Purchase struggles with the death of his girlfriend, and may possibly be schizophrenic.

What I experienced?

"I'm going to see a play this weekend." I say to my coworker. 
"Cool, what's it about?"
"I don't know, but they are advertising it as a 'psychological drama,'" I paused. "What's a psychological drama though?" I asked my co-worker.
"You know.... it's drama that mess with your head..." She replied.
"Hmmmm." I replied as I daydreamed about the possible psychological drama I was about to go see.

I started to feel anxious about seeing a "psychological drama" by myself, and so I spent a week asking people if they wanted to join me. If I was going to undergo a psychological journey, I wanted someone to be there with me for emotional support. I invited a few friends, but in the end, they all cancelled. It looked like I was I was meant to experience this alone. 

The play was located around an apartment complex. The setup reminded me of Broadway Housing Communities and I wondered if this was a community space that the public was able to rent out.

As the play began to unfold, I found myself constantly second guessing the play's reality. Did the protagonist have schizophrenia? Wow, I can't believe he killed his boyfriend. Wait his boyfriend's not dead? Wait his girlfriend is dead? Who are the other people in his head? Did he really meet that crazy woman in the woods or did he imagine it? Was that crazy woman really his mom?

There was a scene where he was writing in his room and you could hear all the papers on the floor rustling, and the people on stage were picking it up and putting flashlights on it, so that the audience could see. I simultaneously thought about my depressive experiences and my uncle's depressive experiences that resembled the one on stage. 

I kept wondering if this was the writer's true experience or if it was completely made up. I guess after seeing David's Friend and being in a memoir class, everything felt believable and realistic. Whether it was schizophrenia or not, I was still able to relate to the constant chatter in the mind. It sounds like that when I have a millions things to do, but only an hour to do them all. It sounds like that when I fall into a depressive state and sometimes it sounds like that when the chatter is happening in real life around you. 

Because the topic was so heavy, and because I've been in depressive states, I didn't want the protagonist to choose death over getting better. I wanted him to defy Summer who kept telling him to kill himself. That's why I felt dissatisfied with the ending because they suggested that the protagonist died in the end. I really wanted him to I wanted the protagonist to choice to get better, but I know that's not the case for everyone. I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to say about suicide because I've experienced these thoughts before, but I wanted to end the play with hope and not with a harsh reality. 

The play ended with the main character and Summer laying on the grass and repeating the same lines they said when the play had started. It did take away some of the pain of the suicide, but then I was left with the question of: Did it all happen?

Want to see it?

:( Sorry this play is no longer showing.

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