POST: 'The Box Show' - all within the confines of a box

What it's about. 

A woman enacts 25 different characters, all within the confines of a box.

OUR experience. 

It was a bit stressful trying to rally up fellow classmates to see a show together. Once we were inside, I found myself hyper-aware, to see if I could hear them react to the show. There were times that Lamisse would laugh and I thought "Good, she's laughing, maybe this won't discourage her from going to plays after all." Then I heard Anna and Marc laugh and once again my anxiety to have their experience be satisfactory eased away. 

After the show, I asked the group what they thought about the show.

Miriam: "Ok, so was I the only one that thought the car scene was weird. It made me really uncomfortable hearing people laugh the moment someone tied up appeared in the scene. Why was someone laughing!? How was that funny?!"

Sophia: "Yeahh, I thought that was pretty weird too. I just figured they got paid to laugh or they knew the person in the play."

Marc: "There's gotta be psychopaths in there."

Sophia: "I also didn't understand the stick thing. Why all the effort for that little bit of blood?"

Miriam: "So someone definitely got murdered in that scene right?" 

Sophia: "Oh yeah for suree."

Miriam: "Any other scenes stand out to you?"

Sophia: "When the Frida Kahlo scene started going I was like 'Oh no...'"

Lamisse: *Starts giggling*

Miriam: "I knew you'd have something to say about it!"

Sophia: "They were playing Spanish Music."

Marc: "Yeah, I didn't really like that one so much."

Miriam: "Which did you like?"

Marc: "I liked the trojan horse one."

Miriam: "Oh my god! I knew it! I thought I heard you laugh during that scene!"

Marc: "Well there was one dude that was laughing ridiculously loud near me, but when I laughed, he just looked at me like I was crazy."

Miriam: "What about that the baby scene?"

Sophia: "That scene was ridiculous."

Lamisse: "Yeah me too."

Marc: "When I saw that bald cap, I was like 'Ohhh boyy.'"

Miriam: "What! I thought it was the best one! I loved how they included the song from one of the earlier skits!"

Anna: "Yeah me too! I thought it was one of those moves that comedians do to finish the joke off by referencing a previous one."

Miriam: "I also really liked that line that said 'Be the DJ to my labor.'"

The following day, Sophia wrote: 

miriam 1.png

Which is when I replied that reason why the baby scene was so important: 

miriam 1.png

Anna replied saying "ooohhhh! I like this perspective! I never thought of it like that!"

See it.

:( Sorry, this show is not currently showing. 

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